Growing Indigo Weed Strains Beginner’s Guide

indigo weed

Indigo weed is one of the infamous cannabis indica strains. Despite that, Indigo weed is among the best strains to try if you want to experience and enjoy pure indica tastes, aromas, and effects.

Is it your first time to cultivate a cannabis Indica plant? If you say so, then you will surely find this guide helpful. To understand how this strain grows, you have to learn first what it is and how you can help it grow and thrive successfully.


There are two types of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. Indica is the putative species of cannabis. The Department of Health said indica is a mix of CBD-THC plant.

Indigo is a pure indica strain that contains more THC and less CBD. This strain is the cross between Afghan and North African indica plants.

Indigo guarantees medium height and bountiful yield. It develops multiple calyxes gathered together, which form thick conical-shaped buds.

The buds of this indica strain look purple and taste like the beautiful wildflowers. They are also lumpy with lengthy amber hairs and tiny, light violet trichomes.

Indigo is easy to grow. Making her happy is also an easy thing to do. The plant takes less time to mature and flower.


Indigo weed is a beautiful cannabis strain produced by combining the native North African landrace and the Afghani landrace cannabis strain.


This indica superstar offers a mellow and very relaxing high. After your last few tokes, you will immediately feel the mellow and relaxing lift followed by slight sleepiness that is not a seductive one.

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However, get ready for a sudden craving for your favorite snacks. Be sure you have something on the table as Indigo will make you very hungry.

You’ll stay feeling relaxed and uplifted for the first few hours. Eventually, you will be very sleepy. Thus, Indigo is best to use late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

Flavors and Aromas

The taste of this indica strain is a combination of different tempting tastes. This combination includes something spicy, sweet, and herbal.

For aroma, Indigo features the combination of flowery, earthy, spicy, woody, and herbal scents. All these things are making these indica buds more delicious and extraordinary.

Medicinal Benefits

Indigo is a good natural remedy for various health problems as it contains 2% CBD and 10-12% THC. It can help those patients who deal with fatigue, depression, mood swings, stress, and insomnia. It can also be useful for patients with loss of appetite as the strain will incredibly increase their food cravings.

However, patients should be extra careful when using this cannabis strain for any ailment. This is crucial especially to novice users because taking a higher dose may trigger unwanted side effects like cottonmouth, couchlock, and dryness of eyes.


Indigo is not a tall plant considering that it is pure indica. However, that does not mean it can’t impress you when it comes to yield. This pure indica strain guarantees medium to high yield, depending on how much time and attention you pour to the plant as it grows.

The better you take care of Indigo weed, the more likely she will yield more in every season. In each harvest season, you can have 2 to 4 ounces of buds in a 2-gallon pot if you grow this plant indoors.

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If grown outdoors, you may likely get twice or more than the number of buds it can produce when cultivated indoors. Still, the plant’s ability to yield more will depend on the growing conditions.

Flowering Time

Indicas, especially pure ones, are fast-flowering plants. Indigo takes less time to flower. Get ready to collect those taste buds in just in less than 2 months.

The flowering time for Indigo takes 6 to 8 weeks. However, this plant typically takes 7 weeks to flower but will be able to give you more buds to enjoy if you extend the waiting period to 8 weeks. It’s worth the time.

How to Grow Indigo Weed Strain?

As mentioned before, indigo is easy to grow. Even the novice growers will have fun in cultivating this cannabis strain. It can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Indigo is good for indoor cannabis cultivation because it is a short and busy plant. Its height may range from 2 to 3 feet tall, making it so ideal for indoor cultivation. You don’t need to pay too much attention to its height as it grows.

You can put the seeds on a pot or any other growing mediums. Just make sure the plant will receive enough amount of light from the sun or grow lights for a more decent yield.

You can also let it grow outdoors if you have a backyard or a garden behind your house. Just let the plant enjoy the sun rays and rest for some time.

Just keep the plant healthy and happy. Give her the nutrients and the right amount of light she needs each day. These things will help the plant to be productive during the flowering phase.

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