Growing Cannabis From Seeds VS Clones

growing cannabis from seed

One of the many pleasures of growing cannabis from seed is that you are free to choose whatever cultivation method you’re going to apply. You have the freedom to do whatever you want so long as you understand how growing cannabis works. And the joy of growing your plants in a proper way is often rewarded with a beautiful and abundant harvest. 

For many cannabis growers, choosing the right way of growing cannabis is very important. Each of these growing methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. One method may be beneficial for some people, while for some, it’s not just feasible.  If you’re considering growing cannabis for the first time, then it’s necessary that you spend some little time conducting online research. 

Every first-time grower needs to make a smart and practical decision before starting the wonderful venture of growing cannabis. It’s wise that you consider several factors and ask yourself what growing method is best for you. And perhaps one of the most crucial questions that you can ask yourself is, do you want to grow cannabis from seeds or by using clones?

When growing cannabis from seed, you have the option to grow it from seeds or by clones. As mentioned earlier, each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right option can mean the difference between success and failure. The good news is, we will provide you useful information about each growing method to help you decide which one is right for you. 

Growing Cannabis from Seeds

Growing cannabis from seeds is obviously the easiest and most comfortable way to gain access to marijuana plants. You can pick whatever strains, flavors, effects, size, flowering times, and genes you want. Most novice growers start growing cannabis plants from seeds and this is because it doesn’t involve any mind-boggling challenges that you’ll encounter when growing by clones

You’ll find various phenotypes if you choose to grow from seeds. Some seeds are better than the others and can give you higher yields, while some produce mediocre results. What you need to keep in mind when following this method is that you have to be 100% sure that the seeds that you are about to plant are healthy and high-yielding. 

Pros of Growing Cannabis Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds from reliable and reputable seed banks gives an idea of how your plant will turn out. You’ll be able to predict how it will look and how it will produce. You’ll also gain a great idea regarding its quality and yield. 

Another benefit of growing cannabis seeds is that they are discreet, meaning that they can be delivered to you and to almost anywhere in the world without the authorities noticing it. Also, you can easily purchase feminized seeds from trustworthy seed banks and what this means is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that 100% of the seeds that you are about to buy are females. No need for you to worry about male plants. 

And of course, by growing cannabis from seed, you’ll be able to breed our own seeds by mating two cannabis. This gives you unlimited supplies of seeds. 

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis Seeds

When growing cannabis seeds, you need to know that not all seeds will germinate. And there are also old seeds that undergo slow growth and development, especially those that were stored improperly. Also, cannabis seeds can take a little time more than clones to start growing. 

When it comes to costing, purchasing seeds can be quite expensive, especially famous strains. But once you start creating your own seeds, then expect to save a lot of money from unlimited supplies. 

Growing Cannabis from Clones

Cannabis clones are those that were cut from manure plant which can be replanted and grow to produce buds. At first, you might think that it’s easier to grow a plant from a clone since it has already particular developed, but the truth is, it can be much more difficult than growing seed from scratch. Why is this?

Well, for one thing, all plants are highly susceptible to different kinds of diseases and infestations. Clones possess the exact genetic makeup from where they came from, which is the mother plant. Now, if the mother plant had any health issues, then the clone also suffers. This is why growing cannabis from clones is not recommended for beginners. You need the know-how in order to provide a remedy from these problems. 

Pros of Growing Cannabis from Clones

One of the obvious benefits of growing clones is that the plant is already farther along in the development. Unlike growing from seeds, you can expect actual yield sooner. Basically, it shortens the entire growing cycle by about a month. If time matters to you, then growing cannabis from clones is your best option. 

Growing cannabis from clones is also an enjoyable experience and is the best way for you to learn and study the growth and development of cannabis plants. These clones can be quickly grown into mother plants and be recloned again. One can enjoy a constant source of new plants and you can clone as many plants as you want. 

Also, growing cannabis clones guarantee gender. If the mother plant is female, then your clone will also be female. The genetic makeup of your clones is also the same as that of the mother plant. And so if you’re cloning from a mother plant that produces high-quality, then expect to harvest high-quality buds as well. And did you know that rooted clones can be coaxed to flower almost immediately if time or space is an issue?

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis Clones

One of the drawbacks of growing clones is that they are very hard to find. Finding seeds online is definitely a lot easier than finding clones. This why clones are not recommended to those who are cultivating marijuana for the first time. 

Another common problem that one encounters when growing cannabis clones is that they inherit the same problems from the mother plant. If the mother plant has virus or pest problems, then expect the clone to have it as well. This can be very risky, especially if you are a new grower and you’re just starting out your very first marijuana garden. 

Apart from needing extra care in order for the plant to recover from any diseases, clones are also picky or sensitive about light and nutrients requirements. This is why you really have to be knowledgeable when growing these kinds of plants. You need to have a proper set-up and an efficient grow room


As you notice, both seeds and clones have their own pros and cons. It’s really up to you what kind of method you are going to choose when growing cannabis from seed. If you’re a beginner and you want to handle things easily and smoothly, then it’s highly recommended that you choose seeds. 

However, if you have great experience and sufficient knowledge about growing cannabis, then it’s more enjoyable and rewarding to grow cannabis clones. And finally, be 100% sure that you only buy cannabis seeds or clones for trustworthy online cannabis shops or dispensaries.

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