How to Grow your Own Cannabis Plant Using Guerilla Growing Method

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Many of Marijuana users are looking for ways to make their consumption be sustainable and effective for long-terms. However, the bigger picture of tomorrow’s Marijuana strains is always affected by legal matters in every nation especially in terms of having space for these to grow. In Canada for instance, Marijuana plants are not allowed to plant in public spaces, where the land area is relatively wide and fertile, compared to what they have in their backyards.

Because of this, more and more people are tempted to do Guerilla Method of Gardening, to maximize the growth rate and cultivation of Marijuana plants, even beyond what is duly allowed by their law. Here’s some basic information that you have to know with this controversial method.

The Art of a Guerrilla

Guerrilla Gardening is basically the practice of planting seedlings in spaces where plants can possibly grow. The thing is, these spaces are not legitimately owned by the people who try to plant in a certain area. Often times, this method of planting is usually done as a form of protest and resistance to some policies not favored by locals.

In Berkeley, California, the current People’s Park started as a guerrilla garden by some locals who oppose the University of California’s policy in grabbing the land to extend the said campus. The vast space acquired through the state policy of eminent domain was left unattended. Due to this poor condition, the people started planting a considerable number of plants which grew in the next years and bloomed into a beautiful park.

However, the land conversion sparked an outrage with the locals and the university officials, which ultimately led to violent clashes and bloodshed. A student was killed during this time and hundreds are left injured. The clashes resulted in the destruction of some parts of the park, yet it remained as a park over the years. 

As time passes by, the destroyed parts of the park have been rehabilitated and replaced with better eco-friendly facilities. Nowadays, the People’s Park is being used by homeless people and functions as their home where they can eat donated goods from the government of California.

Another example of Guerrilla gardening can be seen in Welland, Ontario, where a small parcel of land was left abandoned for years. In 2013, some local artists and guerrilla gardeners have rehabilitated the land by planting and holding outdoor painting sessions. The former abandoned place bloomed into a beautiful sight to behold along the riverbanks of Welland Recreational Waterway. 

From then on, the government and the artists have agreed to keep the park and plant on it for a better purpose. Their case has been obviously peaceful than that of Berkeley’s and up to this moment, the park serves public activities and events.

Guerrilla and Marijuana

Whenever a Cannabis user hears these words, a spirit of Che Guevarra prevails in its mind and moves to be inspired with his acts during the Civil War of Cuba during the 60s. Revolutionary as it may sound, but the same applies to the sneaky method of planting Marijuana, especially when you oppose the existing policies for Cannabis and chose to stand on it at all costs.

Growing your Cannabis within your household and outdoors creates equal harm for you and your safety, especially when it is illegal in your state. The good thing in doing guerrilla method is that you have wider space to move and cultivate, considering the distance of your garden from your home or any well-maintained public space.

Here are some tips on making it successful.

  1. Choose a place far from everything

The more discreet, the better. You have to choose an ideal place which is far from the public’s eyes- could be on hilly sites, abandoned lots in rural areas, vacant residential lots or in abandoned buildings.

It is badly important that before you do the actual practice, observe your preferred place for days or weeks. If the same thing happens in that area- no police surveillance, a random stranger breaking in or other establishments being built, then your place is safe.

Apart from it, try to bring your own soil for your seedlings, as the soil outside is not always suitable for your plants due to animal and human intervention which greatly affects the quality of soil’s nutrition.

After all, your safety is at stake and you have to act like an insect digging deeper in the ground to move further from your predators.

  1. Find a Stable Water Source

If you found a hidden spot near waterways or other bodies of water such as ponds or lakes, then this one is perfect for your Guerrilla Gardening! Remember that your plants need a steady water source for them to grow, with or without your supervision. Apart from the adequate sunlight that they will need, water is the other most important part for your strains’ growth.

People will not suspect your activities when you plant and water your seedlings from a place near the bodies of water. It will not need so much effort from you to fetch pails of water from afar if you placed it next to a serene place.

However, be mindful of the floods that may happen after the summer, as heavy rains will pour in and may affect the land where you chose to plant for the next months.

  1. Do not lay your eggs in a single basket!

One of the best tactical solutions in winning a war is dispersing your battalions in tactical places where the war is going on. And as a guerrilla, you have to be knowledgeable of the possibility of being discovered. Because of this, you have to plant in several locations.

Do not rely on a single area as this may trigger a future clash with law enforcers who will confiscate your strains and possibly search for you because of this illegal activity. Remember, planting Marijuana in outdoors is as risky as you plant it inside your home, but the chances of you being caught in the act are lower when you did it outside than performing it in your backyard.

  1. Apply Camouflage

Do not let your plants be exposed in the public’s eye. It is a requirement for all your strains be planted next to shady plants and trees, to make them unobvious and blending with the other plants.

In terms of smell, we can never suppress your plants to smell weaker or teach them to smell in a certain time where people are not using the space, that’s why you are advised earlier to pick for a secretive and private place, away from the people’s use. As soon as you applied camouflaging effect with your plants, then chances are that you will have a lower risk of being detected in your Cannabis planting. 

  1. Use different routes when visiting your plants

Last but not least, be aware of using different routes when visiting your plants. Using the same single route when heading to your secret nest may give some people an idea on where did you plant your controversial seedlings.

Aside from this, it gives you a more secretive profile on where are you heading regularly. Consider this as another safe move for your Marijuana gardening.

When a person holding too much money and deposits it in a certain bank, that person uses different ways so that the potential intruders may not detect his financial transactions with a certain bank. It is highly advisable to all people who are hiding something special from the public’s eyes.

It’s Your turn!

Now that you are sufficiently informed on how to do the basics of doing Guerrilla Gardening, this is your right time to do it on your own. Your small steps with gardening can make a big difference in terms of money, nature and your well-being.

As you practice planting, you also do sustainability and love for nature. It may sound controversial but planting Marijuana outside in spaces where trees and other plants grow can translate to higher ecological productivity and creating better means in protecting our nature.

That unused or misused space can now be an essential producer of hundreds of dollars because it simply provides room for Cannabis growth. Apart from it, you are giving that place a chance to prove its worth for the Cannabis Industry, which is often misunderstood and underestimated by society.

It’s when the people ridiculing your worth that can give you the strength and determination to go greater than what they can have.

You even save a lot of money because you choose to create your own new seeds out of planting their first seeds. Apart from these, it gives you relaxation to de-stress from the external pressures you experience due to simply keeping in contact with your environment. Planting is simply fun, and so Guerilla Planting is.

Seize the chance of planting. Go and buy your own Cannabis Seeds and start growing!

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