Guide in growing female medical marijuana

growing female medical marijuana

What should you know before growing female medical cannabis?

Before you can grow the female medical weed, you should first start off in identifying your intent in growing them. You may opt to grow to be used as a medication or you may want to breed and produce your own seeds. After identifying your intentions, get good seeds from your trusted suppliers and seed banks. Make sure that they are young and fresh with fluid still intact to enable a better growing life for your medical cannabis.

You should also know the basic needs of your medical weed and those should be provided even before you venture into the science of growing them. These basics are common to all medical cannabis strains regardless of their gender and strains. These include the room, soil, water, air and nutrients your plants need. 

What are the stages of the female medical marijuana’s life cycle?

Afterwards, you should know the different stages of the growing cycle of the medical cannabis. There are four stages of their life plus the harvesting which is not really a main part but obviously the most important and much awaited among others. In every phase of their growth, there are certain things and procedures that you must consider to keep up with the factors of growth.

The most vital is during the vegetative period where the medical cannabis’ gender should be identified. Female medical marijuana should be kept away from the males to avoid pollination if you want to keep the buds and the leaves as medicines. On this stage, the structure of the plant as a whole is also seen and formed. At this stage, your female medical pots should be given more nutrients up to the time they flower.

After the vegetative period, your medical cannabis will start to flower. As they do, you should see to it that they remain uncontaminated and fresh. More amount of darkness will be much appreciated by your female medical marijuana so they will continue to produce more flowers.

What comes after?

Harvesting, drying and curing come next after the flowering stage. After deciding when to harvest them, you have to make sure that they you have the drying method ready and the curing procedures after that. You have the options on what method to use parallel to your growing method. The drying and the curing method can last up to 4 days until they are ready for

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