Guide to Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Guide to Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds in Canada

Feminized marijuana seeds Canada varieties are very popular across the region and in almost everywhere around the world. And the only way to purchase these seeds is to buy them directly from Canadian seedbanks.  

Feminized marijuana seeds are very popular among growers and most breeders who want to expand their yields. Feminized cannabis seeds will bear only female plants. You don’t need to check the gender of your plants because these will surely be female.   

Leafy says that most North American growers want feminized cannabis seeds to create female plants. Cannabis plants naturally pollinated will be able to produce male or female seeds. These seeds are known as regular seeds and usually, you get an even split between two genders. This means that breeders who would like grow crops with traditional seeds have about 50% chance of growing female plants.  

Using regular seeds is not very efficient at all. You need to face the fact that the plants you will be growing will be 50% males and 50% females. Growers usually have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to care for plants that they will just discard because these are male plants.    

Growing your own seeds  

Usually, feminized marijuana varieties are the most expensive. You may have to spend a small fortune to buy these seeds online or from a local seed bank. But when you grow your own seeds, you don’t need to worry about spending too much on seeds at all. You can grow your own feminized marijuana and save money, time and effort in buying seeds every time you need to grow.  

  • If you don’t want to spend money on seeds   

Feminized cannabis seeds are indeed very expensive. These seeds are one of the most expensive along with autoflowering seeds and autoflowering feminized seeds and it is definitely very expensive to purchase seeds time and again each time you want to grow a new set of plants.  

If you are thinking of purchasing feminized cannabis or you are looking into buying from a new vendor, you may spend your money on seeds that will not germinate or have poor quality. According to growers and breeders who bought feminized cannabis from online seedbanks, they found it hard to purchase top quality seeds. Some said that only a small number of seeds were able to sprout. To prevent these from happening you must purchase only from reputable seedbanks. 

  • If there are no feminized seeds in your area 

If you find it hard to shop for the feminized cannabis seeds from where you are then you have no choice but to grow your own once you get your hands on quality seeds. And when the demand is high, chances are the price of seeds will increase and this will surely make it expensive compared to traditional seeds. When you are growing feminized seeds it is more practical to buy online than buying from local stores.                                                                                                     

  • If cannabis is prohibited where you live 

If cultivating cannabis is still prohibited in your area then the ideal way to go is to grow your own seeds. When you have your own seeds to use, you can be free from any worries and rules that prohibit the selling and buying of cannabis seeds. Also, you will be able to grow your plants in a stealth manner inside your own property. This is actually one of the many reasons why most growers and breeders turn to grow seeds instead of buying these online or from local stores. 

  • If this is your first time to grow cannabis plants. 

If you are a novice grower then feminized cannabis seeds will free you from any worries or errors. This is why most sellers and growers recommend feminized cannabis seeds for new growers. If you have experienced poor chances to grow cannabis using regular seeds then feminized seeds could be the best one for you.    

Making your own feminized marijuana seeds Canada 

Here are the things that you need to grow feminized marijuana  

  • Regular cannabis seeds strain you want to grow 
  • Growing medium (soil or hydroponics) 
  • Growing container or pot 
  • Grow lights  
  • Exhaust fans 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Water 
  • Colloidal silver  
  • A small brush 
  • A small plastic bag 


  1. Purchase regular cannabis seeds 


Buy regular cannabis seeds from a reputable online or local seedbanks. You have around 50/50 chance to grow females so you need to grow more seeds to compensate. Because you are growing regulars you will still have to go through the painstaking process of sexing your plants come to their pre-flowering stage.   

  1. Grow regular cannabis plants. 

Germinate regular seeds with the damp paper towel technique. Put your seeds in between damp paper towels and placing these in a dark and quiet place. Cover these with a plate and then place in a dark spot like a cupboard or a cabinet. It can take around three to five days for seeds to germinate. After these have sprouted, place in the growing medium of your choices like hydroponics or soil. 

If you want to grow regular seeds in soil use soil that is conducive in growing cannabis. There are strains that need specific soil so be sure to understand your plant’s needs. Regular cannabis strains will grow great in the sandy-clayey soil. This will hold more water and nutrients and will also drain excess water and nutrients. This soil will also let oxygen attach to the plant’s roots and improve root strength and health.    

  1. Use lighting on your plants. 

Grow your regular marijuana plants using optimum lighting during its vegetative stage. Place your vegging plants indoors to monitor the growth of your plants more closely. Your plants will have an improved chance of growing healthy and strong plants when these are cultivated in an ideal growing environment. Young plants should grow in an indoor environment until these have grown a healthy and stronger form. Your plants will surely grow strong in time for flowering to be able to hold larger and denser buds. 

Place your plants in 12/12 lighting after it has grown healthier and stronger. This lighting schedule will stimulate the flowering stage in regular or photoperiod plants. 

  1. Identify the sex of your regular plants 

After your plants have developed stronger and healthier bodies during the developmental stages you can now stimulate flowering to identify its gender. Exposing your plants in a 12/12 light schedule starts the flowering time. In just a few days, your regular plants will start to develop small white flowers that will grow on the joints of the stems. On the other hand, male plants have balls or sacs that grow along the joints of the plants. These parts are full of pollen and can open up at any time and will pollinate female females. Remove male plants before these pollinate your female plants.  

  1. Grow your female plants well 

After you have selected female plants and have discarded male plants, grow female plants well. Provide the most suitable plant food, water your plants daily and create a good growing environment. After your flowers have completely developed create your feminized cannabis seeds.   

  1. Creating feminized cannabis seeds 

Use colloidal silver to create feminized cannabis seeds. Colloidal silver can be purchased from seedbanks online or offline. Make your own colloidal silver solution by combining silver and water. Colloidal silver can stimulate female cannabis plants to grow male structures. These contain feminized pollen which can fertilize your female flowers. Spray colloidal silver on female plants or use a small brush to paint pollen on the female parts. Do this regularly and make sure that every part of the plant is completely drenched. 

  1. Your plants will develop male parts 

Soon, your plants will develop male structures such as sacs or balls. There are even plants that will develop uncovered male structures like a small banana. These will be ready to pollinate female plants. Let these become ripe, swell and burst. Pollen will be released in the air and these will attach to the female flowers. Continue applying colloidal silver to your plants. You can tell that the sacs or balls are ready when these start to crack. Collect the pollen in a small bag or container.   

  1. Pollinate regular female plants 

Collect the pollen in a small plastic bag and use a small clean and dry brush to apply the feminized pollen on the flowers of plants. Choose plants that have been flowering for 2 to 3 weeks.  

As much as possible, pollinate a different plant and not the female plant where you grew male structures. You will be able to increase the number of seeds produced to grow feminized seeds. It won’t be too long for your seeds to be ready. Once the seeds have matured, collect these and place in a dry, sealed container.  

Growing feminized marijuana seeds Canada is just like growing regular cannabis seeds. Give your seeds a good growing environment to get healthy plants and produce a good yield come harvest time.

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