Top 5 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds to Grow in Cold Climates

how cold can autoflowers get

Growing your own marijuana garden is no easy task especially for beginners and those living in the colder regions of the world. Although the marijuana plant is grown in not-so-extreme temperatures, wherein light, temperature and nutrients are controlled, they can also be planted in places with cold temperatures and see how cold can autoflowers get. You just have to look for marijuana seeds that are autoflowering or feminized.

It may seem devastating to some marijuana plants to be planted in a cold and harsh environment, there are marijuana strains that will survive this kind of weather. If you are interested, please continue to read for you to know how to protect marijuana plants in cold temperatures and the top 5 marijuana strains that you can use.

Protecting the Marijuana Plants from Cold Climates

It is known that the only good thing about planting marijuana in an environment that has an extreme cold is the natural way of getting rid of pests. In these environments how cold can autoflowers get and, you don’t have to worry about rodents, insects, and even bacteria since they will not survive the weather, to begin with. 

Your main goal as a marijuana cultivator is to make sure that your plant will survive and make it through harvest time. Keeping the temperature on the average will ensure the lives of your marijuana plants.

The following are tips on how to protect your marijuana plant from cold climates:

  • You can bring your cannabis plant inside and give them a moderate light schedule. It’s best if you can follow the required light schedule for each stage of development.
  • Using passive heaters. These are dark-colored container filled with water and heated during the daytime, use these to radiate heat at night.
  • You can construct a temporary greenhouse. This might sound too technical for some, but really all you need is a wood frame and plastic coverings that will help you trap the heat thus creating the greenhouse effect.
  • In order to prevent frostbite, use a propane-powered patio heater. They will burn the gas that produces CO2 and water vapor.
  • Wrap individual plants using polyethylene, this will serve as a protection from rain and too much heat and will allow heat to be trapped inside.
  • You can use pots since the cannabis plants that are directly planted in the soil will have a hard time getting heated on, it’s best to use pots that you can bring inside the house.
  • “Blanket” for the floor. This is not your typical blanket used when going to sleep, thus this is a blanket that has heat-absorbing materials such as limestone. This technique has been used in vineyards to adjust the temperatures during day and night time.
  • Heater and Thermostat. If you live in a country that makes winter unbearable, it will not come as a surprise for some as this is really needed. The good thing about this is that you can actually set a specific level of heat for the entire house and surely your marijuana plant will no longer feel stressed.

How cold can autoflowers get

This list will include the 5 marijuana seeds autoflowering or feminized that you can plant in cold climates. It will be best to conduct your own research, read on reviews if you are planning to use these seeds to ensure the survival rate of the plant. 

  • Royal AK Automatic

This is a combination of 25% ruderalis lineage, 40% indica genetics, and 35% Sativa genetics. The ruderalis lineage makes this plant easy to grow regardless of the environment, and the harvest time will only take 7 weeks after germination. Even novice cultivators can expect a good yield since this strain thrives in both warm and how cold can autoflowers get.

The mix of indica and Sativa genes in Royal AK Automatic allows this cannabis to be of daily use. Consumers reported to experiencing a happy and active high. Sativa is responsible for the activation of psychedelic features while the indica will bring about relaxed and sleepy feelings.

  • White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic is considered one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world. This has been called a classic strain that everybody loves. Because of its autoflowering strain, this makes it easier for White Widow Automatic to be planted in colder regions as this will enter the flowering stage automatically. 

The plant will only take about 77-85 days of crop time. That’s why novice, veterans, and even impatient growers always prefer to grow White Widow Automatic. The height of the plant will only range from 50cm-100cm and can be placed anywhere. If you are lucky, you can get a total of 190-240g of yield per plant.

The aroma is woody, pungent, earthy and consumers have experienced physically stoned as the effect of smoking White Widow Automatic.

  • Royal Critical Automatic

This cannabis plant is known to have guaranteed survival regardless of the light schedule. Harvest time will start as early as 9 weeks after germination. It grows around 55-65cm and you will notice that it grows into a bushy plant with open structure for better light penetration. 

 The aroma is sweet and spiced and consumers can look forward to having a relaxing yet full of the flavor experience. This is perfect for social events or an evening out with friends who wants to enjoy your company without having to go through the heavily stoned feeling.

  • Quick One

Tagged as one of the fastest-growing autoflowering marijuana strains. Quick One is a mix of Lowryder 1 and Old School Indica and its ruderalis genetics is responsible for its autoflowering skills; it will flower automatically regardless of its light schedule. The plant will only grow for 50-60cm and harvesting will be as early as 9 weeks after sprouting. The aroma is more of citrus-like and the effect will be more on the physical side of the cannabis consumer.

  • Sweet Skunk Automatic

Genetic background is a mix of Early Skunk, Critical, and Ruderalis. This can be planted both indoors and outdoors and the maximum height will only be 60-100cm. The yield can reach up to 60-110g per plant.

Sweet Skunk Automatic has been known to give off slightly skunky, slightly spicy and slightly fruity taste and aroma. The effects are more on the cerebral side and uplifting.


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