A Guide to Buy Cannabis Seeds 

how to buy cannabis seeds

How to buy cannabis seeds online legally, make sure to pay attention to the quality of the seeds you are purchasing. Never overlook this even if you are buying cannabis seeds online or from a local store. Keep in mind the following when you purchase cannabis seeds anywhere: 

Where to buy the Best Cannabis Seeds? 

Are you the type to buy cannabis seeds from the web? If you are then you will find a lot of cannabis seeds varieties waiting for you. You can purchase seeds from a large number of online seedbanks just remember to check if the site is legit or not. A few things to consider if a site is legit or not: 

  • Look for the nearest seed bank using sites like Leafly. Leafly’s official website or their app is helpful in looking for legit seedbanks but make sure to turn on your location so it can help you find the nearest. You will be able to instantly find these legit suppliers and purchase your seeds fast.  
  • Find the nearest legit seed bank from where you are by asking from forum sites. There are cannabis growing forum sites were guidelines on how to buy marijuana seeds online legally. Look for at least three or more seedbanks so you can get top quality cannabis seeds.  
  • Find the nearest seed bank from personal recommendations. If you have close friends who also grow cannabis, ask how to buy marijuana seeds online legally. Ask if they could recommend you personally so you can buy top quality seeds.   
  • Buy seeds from online cannabis seedbanks. You can order seeds from the comforts of your own home. Ask if how to buy marijuana seeds online legally. But expect expensive delivery fees and shipping fees if you live overseas.  
  • Look for promo codes and discount codes to get discounts on your order. Find these in different cannabis blog or product sites. Keep the promo code that you have found and use this when checking out. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the promotional code or offer because these will give you the promo expiry or if there are special conditions of the promo offer. 
  • Another way to get a good deal is to develop a good relationship with a seed bank. This may take a while but no doubt that you can shop for seeds even on a tight budget. There are sites that have loyalty programs for customers; you will receive points for your purchases. Buy seeds up to a certain amount and you will get discount offers. You can use these when you are buying cannabis seeds in bulk. 

Things to look for in cannabis seeds for top quality 

You must buy viable seeds or at least choose viable seeds to plant in your growing medium. There are a number of characteristics you should check out when buying cannabis seeds: 

  • Appearance and color

The appearance and color of cannabis seeds are distinct when it comes to viable seeds. High-quality seeds are colored brown, tan, or black. Immature seeds, on the other hand, are lighter like white, yellow, and pale green.  

Seeds with dark spots or stripe patterns are mature seeds. This is because seeds that have these markings are mature and very viable.  The seeds should have stripes, spots or different patterns to tell that these are mature. These seeds have a clear and shiny sheen on the surface of the seeds as well. 

  • Size and shape  

The largest seeds have the most symmetrical round or teardrop-shape. These seeds have the best quality. On the other hand, immature seeds have an irregular shape. Hold the seed with your forefinger and thumb to check and feel the seed. Feel for any irregular groove or dents. Feel the seeds for any holes and gouges to indicate the viability of the seeds. Never germinate irregularly-shaped seeds because these won’t germinate no matter what.  

  • Hardness and strength 

Usually, the best seeds have a hard outer shell with a smooth uncracked surface. Meanwhile, cannabis seed is not viable as a soft surface that can crack, or crumble when pressed or compressed even with just your fingers.  

  • Age of the seeds 

How old are fully mature seeds? Understanding the effects of age on seeds will give you an idea of how viable these seeds are. Seeds will degrade over time, therefore, seeds that have been freshly harvested are more viable compared to those that are months old.

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Store unused cannabis seeds in a cool, dark place to prevent rot or mold. If your seeds are still in their breeder’s packaging then you can keep these inside this packaging. But if the packaging has been opened, take the seeds out and place these inside a colored container with a secure cover. Place these containers in a dark and cool environment like your freezer or cabinet. 

To use seeds that have been inside the freezer, take the seed container out of the freezer and place these inside the cooling section. After the seeds have acclimated, remove these from the refrigerator and place these on the counter. You may now use these seeds once these have acclimated. Never microwave your seeds because these will only destroy their viability.   

  • The float test 

The “float test” will check if a seed is viable or not. This is a test that most cannabis breeders and growers use to find out if the seeds are premium quality seeds. Place the seeds inside a glass with distilled water.  Seeds that will float should be thrown away because these are seeds that do not contain any viable insides. These will never germinate no matter how long it is in water. Seeds that will sink are those that have good quality and will germinate. These seeds have heavy, viable insides that will sprout given the right time. Seeds that have sunk will soften and open when left longer in water but don’t leave this in water after 24 hours.  

Paying for your cannabis seeds purchase 

When you are done choosing the cannabis strain seeds you want to purchase, the next step is to pay for your purchase. How to buy marijuana seeds online legally? How do you wish to proceed? What payment method do you intend to use? Remember the following when paying for your cannabis seeds from an online seed bank site. 

  • Choose the cannabis site that offers the payment method that you prefer. There are sites that accept credit cards, cash on delivery, bank transactions, Western Union payments, and cryptocurrency. But if the site only accepts Bitcoin then you must start to feel wary and look for another seed bank. 
  • Wait for your payment confirmation. You should receive an email regarding your payment. Confirm from your credit card company or your bank that the payment has been processed.  
  • Check for any promos and discounts. If you have a coupon or a discount code then this is the best time to add it. Place the coupon code and wait for the site to apply this on your receipt. You must also study the validity of the promo or coupon code before using it.  

What to keep in mind when you are shipping marijuana seeds? 

Shipping your cannabis seeds is the next step after paying for it. To ensure that your seeds get to their destination, keep in mind the following important strategies 

  • Check shipping rates and delivery rates. Some sites offer different shipping methods. You will usually find courier services and standard shipping methods. Naturally, special courier services are more expensive while the standard shipment is the cheapest. But a special courier is quicker compared to standard methods. 
  • Look for stealth shipment. This method will let you ship your seeds without revealing your identity. The packaging that seedbanks will use will be unmarked with no logos or information that will reveal your identity. Stealth shipment usually costs more but most growers and breeders find this more efficient and effective.  
  • Review any rules about buying seeds from your country. Make sure that this is permitted otherwise you won’t be able to receive your orders.  
  • Look for tracking numbers in your email confirmation message. Usually, you will receive tracking numbers when you use special couriers to ship your seeds. Use this tracking number to locate where your orders are.  
  • Be sure to have the contact details of the website in case you need to return your orders. You also need to contact customer service for important changes in your order or when you need to complain about their service.  

Important seed bank qualities to check before you purchase 

When you buy cannabis seeds, the most important thing to consider is the reliability of the seed bank you will purchase your seeds. Read reviews and check comments of previous customers. Never settle for the first seed bank you find online. Look for red flags that tell that the site could be a scam site. If the site is in another language, translate it using Google Translate. Always stay smart especially when how to buy marijuana seeds online legally to get the best value for your money. 


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