How to Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds

how to create feminized marijuana

The issue of indoor method or outdoor method and what strain to grow is not the only issue when planning to have the cultivation of marijuana. The gender of the marijuana strain that cannabis used is also a big issue. Before, growers have no control of what gender will their cannabis have until in its flowering stage. With the advance in today’s technology and the researches done, growers can now manipulate the growth of marijuana and produce a feminized version of cannabis seed. Listed below are some questions regarding how to create feminized marijuana seeds.

Why medical marijuana users and growers prefer a feminized marijuana seed?

Medical marijuana users and growers prefer feminized marijuana seeds because this will automatically give them female cannabis. Growers and users planting these feminized seeds will not have to wait until the flowering stage just to know the gender of the weed that they are growing. Also, they prefer the feminized seeds since when it grows, female cannabis has the highest THC level compared to another gender of cannabis.

What is the feminization of marijuana seeds?

Most female marijuana seeds will still produce male seeds without any manipulation. The feminization of marijuana seeds is a process wherein the gender of the seeds will be manipulated through enhancements and techniques.

What techniques can I use to create feminized marijuana seeds?

The manipulation of the gender of a seed is harder than manipulating the growth of a weed and its growing process whether planted indoors or outdoors. The most popular technique used by growers is the spraying of a colloidal silver spray. Just be aware that you can not smoke the buds of marijuana that had contact with this type of spray.

To do this, you have to mist the female cannabis plant with this silver spray every day during a ten to fourteen-day span before it enters its flowering stage. The creation of silver ions in the water will produce male pollen sacs instead of female buds. Use these buds and pollen to pollinate the female marijuana and you will get a female seed sooner.

What are the factors that contribute to the growth of a possible feminized marijuana seed?

There are plenty of factors affecting the growth of possible female seeds. Some of the basic factors are the higher nitrogen supply, higher humidity and hotter atmosphere, more blue light and fewer hour of light will give you more chances of growing a female seed during the marijuana’s growth. Also, it is important that these techniques are done inconsistently to make cannabis adjust to their atmosphere.

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