Guide On How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

how to feminize marijuana seeds

New growers are wondering how to feminize marijuana seeds. Growing marijuana is all about trichome, rich cannabinoid profile, and resinous flowers. These magnificent features can be found on the female marijuana flowers. Owning a garden that is filled with strong, un-pollinated sinsemilla female marijuana means containers full in body-friendly and mind. Learn how to feminize marijuana seeds.

The only vagrant, besides you, grows it from clones. The marijuana is expected to produce 50% seeds and 50% males seeds. 

That’s the feminizing method that comes into play: two techniques of manipulating the marijuana plants to only produce females from seeds all the time. It isn’t just a single time, but 99% all the time a great number, and you could consider entirely male-free plants. 

The common strategy behind feminization is to compel female plants to produce pollen, which is used to pollinate other female plants in turn. The result? The resultant seeds would be feminized, with no further chance of pollination.

How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

If you are cultivating your own marijuana seeds, you can combine your desired strain or your favorite strain and you will surely get a 100% feminized strain. When you mix two strains, you will get different phenotypes with varying structures and qualities. It is important that you are using a regular seed to hide the method, as the feminized seeds are too weak and might have an issue on the end such as ending up becoming hermaphrodites or having stress. 

In order to remain the same characteristics on your production plant, you will need to cultivate a lot of seeds that you will get from your feminized plants. After that, clone each plant and put them to flower for then to identify their characteristics. After you are done, you will have to pick two mother plants, return them, and crossbreed them together to have a more equal version. The method needs to be repeated many times as much as possible in order to produce a balanced strain that carries the characteristics that you wanted. 

Doing on how to feminize marijuana seed is quite a challenge, you need to keep things under control and perfect track of timing when it comes to the flowering period and pollen yields if you want to have a perfect result for it. Take your time, and try to do some controlled tests so you can start making great large amounts of your own feminized seeds. 

Feminizing Seeds Using STS (Silver Thiosulfate Solution)

Silver Thiosulfate Solution is done by spraying it on your marijuana plant leaves, just make sure that the leaves are entirely dripping and covered by it. It is advisable that you should take away your plants from the growing area before doing it, or it will end up getting mixed with your other plants. You can start doing the process after 4 or 5 days changing the lights, just right before your light will go off. This will permit you to spray the plants without getting worried about burning the plants because of the lights. Then after 10 days, you will need to spray again your plants, doing the same process covered plants with the ST’s spray and letting it submerge in the dark

The sprayed marijuana plant will start to grow male flowers and will pollen that can be useful if you want to pollinate which plant you want, making the seeds to become no male genes on them. You can use the plants that were pollinated to make an extract from its resin; the number of seeds that will produce will render and be pretty much useless as it is not a smokeable flower. The plants that have STS will have to be thrown away, as it is too toxic, and if you ever consume any of it might end up in some serious health issues.

 Benefits of Using Feminized Seeds

The entire cannabis industry favors female marijuana plants because of the many benefits that they provide. This made a high demand in the market for the feminized marijuana seed. However, you can find different types of marijuana seeds and their pros and cons if you visit Crop King Seeds.

Using the feminized seeds can guarantee the growers that there will be no plant that will turn out to be male or hermaphroditic. It’s true that the quality of yields may suffer because of the stress factors such as over-pruning, unreliable lighting, and poor nutrient availability. Although in general using the feminized seeds is an easy way to rescue work, freely clones, lose less crop, increase yields, and get a higher value from the marijuana seeds. Besides, using the male plant can ruin your crops, if it is not detected quickly. For the home growers and cultivators who have limited space, using feminized seeds is absolutely recommended as it can produce a higher yield.

Some experts suggested that using a non-feminized marijuana seed makes an opportunity for choosing the best plants. Sadly for most of the growers, it’s not possible for them to grow a certain number of plants and get rid of the male plants after finding out their sex. Furthermore, the growth of marijuana plants gets halted by this process and less will produce in the long run. But if the plants are correctly grown, the feminized marijuana seeds will assure you to produce a large number of buds from each of the plants that are grown from the seeds.

It has been monitored that during pruning a female plant, it might suddenly turn into a male plant. The plants that are expected to give big buds get covered with small balls of pollen. The risk can be lessened to a great extent by utilizing the feminized seeds and low-stress training process.

The use of female marijuana seeds gives the cultivators the freedom of cloning from their own feminized plants. Male plants are expected to grow more meticulous in their early stages, which makes them a natural option for cloning. Although it is required to sexed first the male plants. Usually, there is a tendency with regards to taking a cutting of the best early plants, and the choosing of the male plants has the tendency to slow down the growth and jeopardize the whole crops.


Feminized seeds are magnificent for growers and cultivators that are looking for a better genetic yield. The characteristics of the feminized marijuana seeds are smoothly controlled by the growers and bring out each strain’s unique characteristics. This permits more things to the customers in terms of aromas, cannabinoids, and flavors. Hopefully, this article can give you tips and guide on how to feminize marijuana seeds.

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