How to Grow Autoflower Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

colloidal silver autoflower

Growing cannabis seeds is about trichomes, resinous buds, and amusing cannabinoid profiles. These wonderful characteristics exist only on female cannabis plants. Having your secret garden full of healthy and un-pollinated female cannabis plants means you’ll get more jars of body and mind-friendly and crusty nuggets. Colloidal silver autoflower will make things more possible.

The only nuisance (except when growing new plants using clones) is that cannabis plants naturally produce around 50 percent males and 50 percent females. That is their nature. It would be great if all your female plants produce female seeds every season.

It’s where the feminizing technique becomes a necessity. There are two ways to manipulate cannabis plants to produce only female seeds.

The wide-ranging practice at the back of feminization is that it forces the female cannabis plants to produce pollen just like what the male cannabis plants do. This way, those cannabis plants with pollen will be able to pollinate the other females. When it happens, the resulting seeds are feminized, without the possibility of further pollination.

Why Feminize?

Feminized seeds are extremely efficient for both outdoor and indoor gardeners. Cannabis plants don’t get the time, area, and resources they supposed to enjoy. They’ll end up being thrown away a couple of weeks after the 12-12 flip.

If you grow cannabis outdoors where a big plant is able to consume more resources and time before the autumn show of buds, feminized cannabis plants are an excellent way of reducing guerilla crop pollinating. There is nothing worse than finding rogue male cannabis plants that have impregnated your female plants.

Inhibit Ethylene

There are several solutions that one can spray on female cannabis plants to produce pollen sacs. These are:

  • Benzothiadiazole
  • Silver thiosulphate
  • Gibberellic acid
  • Silver nitrate
  • Colloidal silver autoflower

What is Colloidal Silver?

According to Mayo Clinic, colloidal silver came from small silver particles suspended in distilled water. The colloid’s nature means the particles do not settle out and normal filtering can’t remove them. Colloidal silver is commercially available. You can also create your own solution which will save you money.

Colloidal silver is applicable to many applications. It is a good alternative medicine that can soothe burns, stimulate your appetite. Colloidal silver is also a good antiseptic. In fact, it is an effective anti-fungal solution in agriculture.

Colloidal silver is the easiest-to-produce solution used in producing autoflowering seeds. It is non-caustic and non-toxic. You can buy this through the web or from a local pharmacy. Other solutions that you can use in producing new autoflowering seeds can be harmful and expensive except for gibberellic acid.

Gibberellic acid is available in the nurseries. It is cheap and easy to use. However, it is less effective compared to colloidal silver. If all you want is to have taller cannabis plants, try gibberellic acid. This solution is a nice growth stimulant that can greatly stretch the height of your cannabis plants.

How to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver can be too expensive, which is why most cannabis growers try making their own solution. Making your DIY colloidal silver is the easiest and the cheapest way to produce autoflowering seeds. By trying this seed production technique, you don’t need to buy new autoflowering seeds.

You can produce a colloidal silver solution in two ways. One is to use a plug-and-play colloidal silver generator while the other is making your own. This DIY option is somewhat straightforward. It does not require special skills.

Colloidal silver develops when a current passes from the silver rod via distilled water. Distilled water is less effective in conducting electricity because it contains fewer minerals. However, enough passes through to form micro silver particles and silver ionization. It may sound technical but that is not the case in reality.

Ingredients and Materials

  • A power adapter that can be anywhere between 9 and 12 volts. You can also use a 9-volt battery. You can use a higher voltage but be sure you know what you’re doing to prevent yourself from getting electrocuted.
  • An electrical wire – one length for positive. One length for negative.
  • Distilled water. You can use one from the local supermarket. Don’t use tap water because it contains excessive impurities that can affect the process.
  • Pure silver – it should be 99% pure or higher. You can use silver coins. They are cheap and highly suitable. They are widely available through the web. The silver wire will do, but there are some users who reported that silver solder can also do the job. However, nobody knows what the other metals in silver solder can do. Pure silver is still the best and safest option.
  • Small crocodile or alligator clips for holding the silver
  • Ppm meter


  1. Set the power adapter to 9 to 12 volts.
  2. Strip the ends of the electric wires by using wire strippers and scissors.
  3. Tightly connect your alligator or crocodile chips to one tip of every wire for a secure and good current flow. Soldering is your best option.
  4. Fix the wires to the red (positive) and black (negative) terminals on the battery or on the unplugged power adapter.
  5. Place a piece of silver in the jaws of the alligator or crocodile clips and keep your hands away from them. Fill the glass beaker or glass jar ¾ full of distilled water. A 500ml bottle of distilled water is enough for two plants. suspend the chips on the distilled water on the other sides of your glass beaker or jar.
  6. Plugin and turn the adapter on. If you’re using a battery, the process will start once the electrodes submerse in the distilled water.
  7. Wait for twenty minutes then take the electrodes and test the solution using a ppm meter. The result should be 15ppm (0.5) or higher. The resulting solution should be pale gold in color.
  8. When finished, remove the black silver oxide from your silver electrodes. Keep the kit in a cool and dry place and save it for future use.
  9. Keep the created colloidal silver solution in the amber-tinted bottle in a cool and dry place. Don’t put the extra solution inside the refrigerator.

How to Use Colloidal Silver Solution to Produce Autoflower Seeds?

Once the solution is ready, you can start applying it to your cannabis plants. Pour the created solution on the spray bottle and start applying it to your female plants. The best time for using colloidal silver is when your plants begin to flower.

By doing so, your flowering plants will start forming pollen sacs, which look exactly the ones in male cannabis plants. These sacs contain genetic material which is 100% female. Therefore, the resulting cannabis feeds that your plants will produce will be females.

It is the easiest way to describe what will happen when you use autoflower colloidal silver to your cannabis plants. The truth is that the actual process is much more complicated as it entails so much more details.

However, the process will be hassle-free once you have all the ingredients and materials needed. If everything sounds troublesome to your ears, then just buy colloidal silver on the web.

Factors to Consider When Using Colloidal Silver Spray Method

  1. Spray your plants with a strong colloidal silver solution. Try making the solution stronger at 30 ppm.
  2. Spray the solution thoroughly to your plants. Drench those parts that you want to become pollen sacs.
  3. Be sure you spray the colloidal silver solution regularly. It should be at least once every day for ten to fourteen days. Begin when you switch the lights to 12-12.
  4. Spray your plants with colloidal silver solution each day until you see the indications of pollen sac formation. Some cannabis strains take one to two weeks to develop pollen sacs. Hardy strains need two to three weeks for the same purpose.

The Benefits of Using Colloidal Silver Spray to Produce Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

By using the colloidal silver spray, you can produce high-quality feminized autoflowering seeds using two female marijuana plants. This is possible even for two clone-only strains.

Also, this method will save you money. Cannabis seeds of any strain and type are expensive. By using colloidal silver to your cannabis plants, you will have a consistent and stable supply of quality autoflowering seeds to plant in the future.

Likewise, this trick will give you the ease and freedom to control the production of seeds. Of course, you want to have just the right amount of cannabis seeds for every season. The colloidal silver method will help you a lot in this matter. Also, it is simple to make hundreds of female autoflowering seeds when needed.


Colloidal silver autoflower is truly one of the best solutions you can use to make your feminized seeds. Why not try this trick now? Things may be complicated at first, but eventually, you will get used to the process. It’s an effective alternative to buying your next cannabis seeds. It saves you time and money. It needs your effort and time, but the results will repay you.

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