How to Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

grow autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering cannabis plants are probably heaven-sent for most marijuana growers. Not only are these plants able to flower fast (just 3 to 4 weeks!) but are also able to grow no matter what kind of lighting schedule you put in. Autos are very versatile and usually, these are grown indoors so you can monitor it closely. Learn how to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds here.

Autoflowering plants are perfect for people who want the following:

  • If you want more yields in a year

If you are the type who wants more yields then autoflowering cannabis is for you. This type of weed grows and ready for harvest in about 6 to 8 weeks (regular seeds are just flowering at this time). If you are able to successfully recreate the ideal growing environment for your seeds chances are you can grow up to two crops in a year! This is definitely taking advantage of what autoflowering cannabis strains can give.

  • If you want to grow cannabis plants with more yields

Some growers say that autoflowering cannabis gives very little yields compared to regular seeds. Although there is a grain of truth here because most autoflowering plants are quite small in size. But because of autoflowering cannabis strains’ small stature, you can grow a dozen of these in a small growing area. You can use training techniques like the screen of green to improve yields. You may also resort to trimming or pruning your plants to grow more buds and of course to shape your plants so that these can fit in a small place.

  • If you want to grow plants for recreational and medicinal purposes.

If you are planning to grow cannabis plants for recreational or medicinal use then growing autoflowering marijuana strains may be the best choice. Find an autoflowering cannabis counterpart of your favorite strain and grow this at home. You will have a lifetime supply of your favorite weed for smoking at home, to share with friends and to use for any illness.

  • If you want to grow plants to sell or make a profit

If you want to grow cannabis to sell or to make money from then cultivating autoflowering cannabis is the best way to go. You can grow a dozen or more autoflowering cannabis and harvest twice a year. A small space like a basement or a spare room can be used to grow the best and the most profitable strains. You can even use a larger area like your garage or spare house if you have one and grow autos easily.

  • If you want to grow cannabis plants and sell seeds

Another way to earn from growing autoflowering cannabis is growing auto seeds. Selling seeds online is highly profitable especially when you grow autoflowering marijuana seeds from very popular strains. Although not all cannabis strains have autoflowering counterparts, still it would be very profitable to breed the most in-demand strains.

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How to Grow autoflowering marijuana seeds?

Growing autoflowering cannabis is something that you might consider if you are new to cultivating marijuana. Some seasoned growers even recommend autos than regular seeds because these grow easily no matter what kind of lighting schedule you use. Here are some important things you need to start growing autoflowering marijuana seeds at home:

  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds of the strain of your choice
  • Sheets of paper towels
  • Two large plates
  • Water
  • Soil that will support cannabis growth
  • Growing pot (small party cup pot or a large final pot)
  • Growing lights
  • Exhaust fans
  • Humidifiers
  • Fertilizer
  • Growing box/growing area


  1. Purchase autoflowering cannabis from a reputable seed bank

Auto cannabis seeds are available in most seedbanks online and offline however you must purchase only from a reputable supplier. How to find reputable seedbanks to purchase from? Look for reviews, check out any advantages or disadvantages of your purchase, and compare prices of autoflowering cannabis from two, three or more online or offline sellers.

Develop a good business relationship with your supplier. Keep in mind that the more you order and the more seeds you purchase, the more favorable you become. You might even get discounts and special deals from these sellers. Watch out for sales, deals, and discounts too.

  1. Check your seeds’ viability

You must use only viable seeds but the moment you receive your auto seeds from the mail, there is no way to tell if these are viable or not unless you check these out. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Dark-colored seeds and seeds with markings like spots, stripes, and unique details are viable. Seeds that are color green or white are immature and will never germinate.
  • Hard seeds are viable. Never germinate seeds that are soft or cracked.
  • Seeds that float have no viable insides and will never germinate. Use only seeds that have sunk.
  1. Germinate your autoflowering cannabis seeds

Place your viable seeds in a layer of damp paper towels. Place the towels on a plate and cover this with another plate. Cannabis seeds will germinate when it is dark and damp therefore you must never remove the cover unless you want to check if the seeds have sprouted. Do this only once a day. Place this in a dark cabinet or cupboard where it won’t be disturbed.

  1. Taking care of your seedlings

After a few days, your seeds will germinate and will sprout. Remove the seeds from the paper towel and plates and place these on a container filled with soil that is conducive to cannabis growing. Orient the seeds, let the taproot or the first thick root settles in the soil first. You may plant your seedlings in a small plastic cup and transplant this in a larger, final container later or you may plant it directly in a final pot or container.

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Make sure that the container has enough holes at the bottom to drain water and fertilizer. Choose sandy-clayey soil to grow cannabis. This type of soil will drain excess water and fertilizer from the roots and allow oxygen to be absorbed from the roots.

  1. Creating your growing box or growing area

You must maintain a growing environment that’s appropriate for growing cannabis. A grow box is usually the ideal controlled growing space that growers and breeders use to grow autoflowering cannabis. A grow box usually has strong growing lights, enough exhaust fans (with an intake and exhaust fan) and a dehumidifier to remove moisture. There are many designs of a grow box but keep in mind that you must arrange your plants well inside the box to ensure proper growth.

You can use any kind of lighting schedule to grow autoflowering cannabis but it’s always smart to start with a 24/0 day/night schedule to ensure good health. You may start switching to a 20/4 or an 18/6 schedule when the plant has completely adapted to the environment.

  1. Adding fertilizer to your autoflowering cannabis plants

During the developmental or growing stage, cannabis plants need a fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. This mineral will improve plant health and strength. But by the time your plants are flowering, low nitrogen, high phosphorous and potassium fertilizer is a must to improve yields.

Watering autoflowering cannabis should be done when the soil is dry and high. This prevents the development of molds and mildew which can cause root rot and bud rot. Water once a day and water more when the weather turns hot.

  1. Sexing your cannabis plants

By the time your plants are showing their pre-flowers, you will now be able to identify if your plants are male or female. Male plants grow balls or sacs filled with pollen along the joints of the stems. Females, on the other hand, grow wispy white flowers instead of balls or sacs.

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As soon as you are able to identify male plants, remove these from the growing area. You don’t want these plants to pollinate your females so it’s best to remove or discard them the moment you identify them.

  1. Harvesting autoflowering cannabis

Your autoflowering cannabis plants will be ready for harvest at around 6 to 8 weeks. At this time, the buds are loaded, heavy, and ready to be harvested. The way you harvest your cannabis plants determines its therapeutic and recreational effects.

Ideally, you must wait when the pistils (hairs) of the flowers have changed color along with the changes in the clarity of the trichomes or the minute glass-like structures found inside the buds. Dark-colored pistils and opaque trichomes mean that the buds are ready to be harvested.

You must harvest at the right time and never delay to avoid the development of hermaphrodite plants. Hermies are plants that have both female and male structures. This happens when the plants sense that it needs to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds as nighttime starts to become longer. Growing male sacs or balls is the female plant’s last effort to fertilize its own buds. And of course, you don’t want this to happen! This is why harvesting autoflowers, as well as regular cannabis, should be done at the right time.

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