How to grow female Marijuana the Right Way?

grow female Marijuana the Right Way

In the cannabis industry, female Marijuana bears more importance and value compared to the males. Because it is the female that contains the highest possible level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana plants which is responsible for that high or stoned feeling when you smoke one. Therefore, females are more potent and exhibit medically inclined properties than the male. Males are only useful when your main business is to harvest seeds and not the valuable sensimillia. Females are the ones highly coveted and in fact, feminized Marijuana seeds are becoming more popular and have taken the market by storm because of their capacity to produce only female plants.

The right environment

It entails a right environment for the female marijuana to prosper and if necessary, make sure that these plants receive the necessary requirements they need. Because when under stress, like sudden temperature changes and interruptions with the dark cycles, marijuana plants are genetically programmed to turn in to hermaphrodites under hostile conditions, their way of ensuring that their kind survive even the most unfavourable situations through self- pollination. You just have to make sure to follow the standard procedures in taking care of marijuana plants and as much as possible avoid stressing your plants. Since hermaphrodites have the qualities of both male and female marijuana plants, it means that they can also give off pollens. If not segregated early away from the females, the pollens can heavily pollinate the entire packs of female plants just like male plants can do. And certainly you don’t want this to happen because this can potentially ruin the whole crops. Thus, all the crops will just give you cannabis seeds but not the real deal, which are the sensimilia.

The early detection

Early detection refers to the sexing process where you look for male plants and get rid of them. This is especially important before the unnoticed male plants have already heavily pollinated most of the female plants. And when this happens, just imagine how sorry you will become. In this condition, all your female plants will just grow only to give you seeds but not the sensimillia, for these are only produced once the flowers of the female Marijuana plants reach maturity without being pollinated by the males. In order to avoid this, you must continuously monitor your crops and watch out for the male ones and if you are not planning of producing seeds, get rid of them real fast.

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