How to Grow More Feminized Marijuana Plants for Regular Cannabis Seeds

feminized marijuana plants

Growing marijuana is not only a choice between the indoor method or outdoor method of growing, the type of strain that you are planning to grow but also an issue of what gender to grow more. Marijuana sellers would invest in cannabis seed so they are happy about the male and female gender of their weed. For medical marijuana growers and users, they would prefer if all of their pot yields are female because this gender provided the highest THC level among gender. Listed below are the ways of how to grow your own feminized marijuana plants.

Be vigilant and consistent as a grower of feminized marijuana plants

To have more feminized marijuana seeds, you should give your pots a consistent temperature, humidity, and watering schedule. Most importantly, give them a steady supply of sunlight when it is day and total darkness when it is night. These consistencies will help cannabis have a growth pattern increasing your chance of more female marijuana seeds.

Be cautious during the third and fourth week of the cannabis’ vegetative growth

The consistency in the environment of your cannabis should be more accurate during the third and fourth weeks of the vegetative growth of your weed. With this style, almost seventy-five percent of your cannabis will turn out to be female.

Proper lighting during the vegetation stage

The perfect type of lighting for your cannabis during its vegetation is the cool daylight type of light. The blue light levels of bulbs help you to produce more female-gendered pots. There is an existing dilemma for cannabis growers whose strains grow in a tropical place. The best thing to do in this issue is to lessen the heat received by the plant by investing more in the cooler light giver system.

Know the mix of your fertilizers

The fertilizers are not only used to give nutrients to your weed. The fertilizers also optimize cannabis to produce more female pots. During the vegetation stage of your pot, invest in fertilizer with high nitrogen and low potassium since the nitrogen composition of the enhancer will trigger the creation of female-gendered marijuana.

Moderation in the lighting schedule of your feminized marijuana plants

This efficient technique only works for the majority of the strain but not all strain will adapt to this type of growth. You can try the ratio of fifteen hours of lights on and nine hours of total darkness to increase the number of feminized marijuana.

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