How to Harvest Female Marijuana Plants


Growing a female marijuana plant does not stop during its pollination stage since, for the growers, the harvest time of the buds is the most fulfilling event in their course of growing marijuana. The cultivation of female marijuana varies depending on the strain and the growth method applied to the weed. Listed below are just the logical ways of harvesting female marijuana.

The best time to cultivate female marijuana is when it is dark. The condition of the atmosphere during the harvesting of female marijuana is vital. The best part of the day to harvest your female marijuana buds is during the early morning when there is no visible light. If you are an indoor grower of female marijuana, the harvesting time is suggested to be done after a few hours of female marijuana being exposed to total darkness.

The harvesting during the condition of a dark atmosphere is needed since this will make your female marijuana regain its original THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content which is decreased during the presence of day and light due to the contribution in the food making for the weed.

You can harvest your female marijuana earlier than usual. The early cultivation of your female marijuana can be performed considering that thirty percent of the buds are already ripe and ready for harvest. Growers who practice the early harvesting method believes that this is the best way since it has the freshest amount of THC.

You can also do the late harvesting of your female marijuana. When fifty percent of your female marijuana buds are ripened, this is the time for late harvesting.  Growers who practice this believes that the maturity of the buds will give them a high THC level when smoked.

Do not over delay the harvest of your female marijuana buds. The longer you delay the harvest of your female marijuana buds, the tendency is that the THC level will decrease and the buds will decay.

Be careful in getting the buds from female marijuana. The proper way of harvesting your female marijuana buds is to use sharp blades. First, you have to cut the stalks. Do not pull or bend the stalks when harvesting. Second, store the stalk in a cool and dry place. Hang it upside-down to dry. Third, assure that your stalks are dry by bending them when you hear a snap, it means that it is dry already. For the last step, lock the dried buds in a zip-lock and store it in a dark cool place but not inside the fridge. This is so because it will help in the maintenance of the THC level.

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