How to Keep your Female Marijuana Plants’ Quality?

Female Marijuana Plants

As for most of the many cannabis growers, finding more female marijuana plants in your garden is just simply rewarding and gratifying. Because in the cannabis industry, females are the real deal since they are the ones able to produce sensimillia- flowers that are loaded with the goodness of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that is responsible for that high spacey feeling experienced and loved by many recreational users and also utilized for medicinal purposes. Male plants do not contain more THC and only useful for procreation purposes,neither recreational nor medicinal. The differences are just enormous, no wonder why many growers, from organic home growers to large- scale commercial operations opt to grow and keep female marijuana plants than the male ones.

Female marijuana plants only produce the sensimillia once they are able to reach maturity without being pollinated by male plants, so it is very important that you see them through. In order to keep the quality of female marijuana, provide them a healthy environment to thrive.

Provide a Favourable Environment for your Female Plants 

Since marijuana plants are best grown indoor, it’s very important to make sure the growing room environment of female plants.The surrounding environment is especially important because when marijuana plants are stressed, they tend to develop in to hermaphrodites (hermy). Hermy plants are those containing both characteristics of male and female marijuana plants. They can release their own pollens and can undergo self- pollination since they have both sexes. In this case, they can pose risks to female plants because they can now pollinate the females with their pollens. Certainly, you don’t want any of these to happen to your female marijuana plants. So you must avoid conditions that can predispose the plants to become stressed such as:

  • Too much heat inside the room with low humidity level. This can be very distressing to the female plants. To avoid this, provide good ventilation and proper airflow to the room. This can considerably regulate the amount of heat the minimum while inviting the moisture in.
  • Interruptions during the dark cycles. Once plants are subjected to dark cycles do not allow lights strike them from outside.

Sudden changes in the surrounding environment. Abrupt changes are barely stood by most of the marijuana plants so it is very essential that you provide a consistent environment.

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