How to Make your Own Auto Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Auto feminized seeds combine two of the best attributes that breeders love. These seeds nearly guarantee a female plant will sprout from them and they have a quick growth time than regular plants.  

Is it possible to create an autoflowering seed that has a good chance of turning into a female plant? We answer this question by showing you how to make your own auto feminized marijuana seeds in your home.  

What do you need to produce auto feminized cannabis seeds? 

Breeding autoflowering plants are no different from breeding regular cannabis plants. Because we are going to make feminized versions of auto plants, we will need female plants only. Look for auto-feminized seeds for a strain that you want. This will make it easy for you to get the plants for producing auto fem seeds. Take note that automatic seeds for specific strains can be hard to come by, let alone an auto feminized version of it. Fortunately, you can still make feminized auto seeds from regular auto seeds.  

Grow your auto plants to the point when you can easily identify their sex. Male plants will have pollen sacs, which have a bulb shape. Meanwhile, female plants have a calyx bud that has white hair pistils. Upon identifying the male plants, remove them from your garden immediately or place it in a sealed room that is far away from your female plants. Male plants can unintentionally pollinate the female ones in your garden. Because of the fast growth of the auto plants, immediately taking out the male plants is crucial.  

Pick two of the best female plants from your garden. One of the plants will produce the pollen while the other will breed the seed. Take note that we will sacrifice their cannabis buds for the production of your seeds. While giving up high-quality buds may seem like a high price, bear in mind that you will be producing a generation of auto fem plants with strong traits.  

How to pollinate a female automatic plant with another female plant? 

The next step is to force one or more of your female plants to produce pollen. There are a few methods to do this. The most popular of which is to chemically induce pollen production by using colloidal silver.  

Colloidal silver is not that hard to find. As the name suggests, this chemical is actual silver suspended in a water solution. You may come across weed dispensary shops that sell them to breeders. Health shops online also sell these as a nutrient supplement.  

When your designated auto female plants enter the flowering phase, spray their flowering site with colloidal silver. Avoid spraying other parts of the plant with the chemical. The corrosive nature of the silver solution may damage or burn the leaves. With this in mind, use a small spray tool to apply the solution to the flower site only. The site is the area where the leaves connect with the stems.  

Spray the solution to the designated female plants daily for the first couple of weeks of their flowering phase. The plants will develop pollen sacs over time, which is similar to male plants. Keep spraying the solution daily until the sac looks large and ready to burst. Look for any cracks or tear on the leaf protectant of the pollen sign. This is a good indication that the sac is full of pollen. Avoid harvesting the sac early because you may have one that will have no pollens within it.  

Collect the pollen by place the sac in a clear sealable bag. Allow the sac to dry for one to two days. This will loosen up the pollen when you shake the bag up. With the pollen at hand, place the bag over the flowering site of the designated female plant that will produce the seeds. The pollen will stick to various parts of the plant. An efficient way of pollinating a female plant is to use a brush with soft bristles. Apply the pollen onto the flowering part of the plant with the brush as if you are applying paint.  

After a couple of more weeks, the calyx will appear swollen and rounder than before. This indicates that the plant successfully produced auto feminized seeds.  

Is there any precaution you need to take? 

Accidental pollination of female plants can occur by accident. This can happen if you are looking to make auto feminized seeds because of the pollen from the designated female plant. Stray pollens can find itself to your bud producing plants by clinging to your clothes or another part of your body.  

You can avoid pollinating unintended plants by placing the two breeding female plants in a separate area that is far from your main grow room. Keep the room close to avoid any stray pollen from escaping the area. In addition, make sure to change your clothes after harvesting the pollen or pollinating a designated female plant.  

Why create autoflowering-feminized seeds? 

As you can see, making your own feminized seeds takes a considerable amount of effort. You will also invest two or more of your cannabis buds to produce the seeds. With these in mind, are the effort and investments worth it?  

The primary reason to do this is the quick growth of autoflowering plants. While regular cannabis plants take up to four to five months to grow into a harvest-ready plant, auto seeds take only two months. Not only will this allow you to get a quick return on your investment, but it also helps you avoid missing harvesting the plant before winter.  

Autoflowering plants are also the easiest to cultivate. Unlike regular seeds, auto plants do not require an ever-changing light regime to initiate its flowering phase. You can continue applying the same lighting schedule to the plants throughout their entire growth period. In addition, the plants are much smaller than either a Sativa or an indica plant. This lets you cultivate the plants in a small garden or grow room indoors.  

While the size of the plants may lead to low yields per harvest, autoflowering plants can lead to high cumulative yield in a year. The growth time and ease of cultivating the plants allow for a high chance of gaining quality buds per harvest.  

As the name suggests, feminized seeds nearly guarantee a female plant when you cultivate them. Female plants are essential if you are only looking to produce cannabis buds. Male plants barely produce the cannabinoids that you can expect from marijuana strains. With feminized seeds, you can ensure the chances of having a yield of consumable cannabis around the time they are ready for harvest.  

One of the disadvantages of auto flowers is the high difficulty of cloning them to increase your yield rate. Making a clone from a cutting is possible, but this will leave you with a damaged plant that will not have much energy to produce a quality bud during the flowering period. Even the clone will not have enough time to grow into a healthy plant to produce a bud. Feminized seeds help alleviate this disadvantage by making sure there is a slim chance of growing a male plant 

What is the success rate of creating stable auto feminized seeds? 

With the knowledge of creating autoflowering-feminized seeds, you are likely looking to make different strains. You are following the footstep of other breeders who continue to breed the ruderalis genetics to other popular cannabis strains.  

Take note that the success rate of crossing two different auto-flowering strains are slim because the ruderalis lineage is already an unstable genetic. This means that the chance to produce a seed that will have the best traits of both parents is very low. You might even create a plant that will not inherit the autoflowering property of ruderalis genetics.  

To increase the chances of producing a stable offspring, it is a good idea to breed the best auto flowering plants in a certain generation. The offspring’s across several generations of breeding will be more stable with noticeable unique characteristics of its original lineage.  When you have a stable generation at hand, you can focus on making feminized seeds of the strain.   

Breeding new autoflowering seeds are the wild west of the cannabis community. Fortunately, the demand for the fast-growing cannabis plants is very high in the country and many breeders are answering the call.  


By now, you know how to make your own auto feminized marijuana seeds. Remember to pick the two best female plants to increase the chance of creating a stable offspring. In addition, always be wary of the pollens of making its way towards the female plants that you intend to harvest for cannabis buds.

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