How to Make Your Own Feminized Marijuana Seeds

feminized cannabis seeds

If you’re a cannabis user, then chances are you’re always on the lookout for feminized cannabis seeds for sale. Instead of looking at various dispensaries for the feminized seeds you want or need, you may just want to make your own crops. Before anything else, do you know how to “feminize” a cannabis seed?  

Feminizing cannabis seeds means that you’re assuring yourself that you’re going to get female plants. If you don’t then chances are you won’t know the sex of your crops until it’s time for harvest. Many cannabis gardeners only want to cultivate female plants. The reason behind this desire is because female plants will grow into buds or flowers.  

“Feminizing” Marijuana Seeds 

To start feminizing marijuana seeds, you should look for and buy feminized cannabis seeds for sale from reputable sources. Next, know that the idea of feminizing marijuana seeds comes from two female cannabis parents. Simply put, two female cannabis parents create female seeds.  

The secret to creating feminized seeds is a substance called colloidal silver. It might sound like a rare item but it’s just water with suspended silver particles. Interested marijuana gardeners can even create colloidal silver right at home but you need a colloidal silver generator. If you don’t want to make the extra effort, then there are retailers who sell the product. Some online health stores will even have colloidal silver for sale.  

When you expose a female marijuana plant with colloidal silver during the early development stages, all of its exposed parts will grow pollen sacs or the male “balls” of cannabis strains. In other words, using the colloidal silver to female plants will “masculize” the strain. Now, when pollen produced from these sacs pollinate a female plant, you end up with feminized seeds since both parents are still technically female.  

If it sounds confusing, then let’s break it down to steps. 

Collecting Pollen  

Start by changing one female cannabis plant to its blooming or flowering stage by modifying its light schedule. It should now have 12 hours of light and an equal amount of time for darkness on a daily basis. Next, thoroughly mist the parts of the female marijuana strain with the colloidal silver to let the plant grow male pollen sacs. Make sure to do this process every day until the plant grows the male “balls” filled with pollen. It will usually take about 10 to 14 days of constant colloidal silver solution spraying for the pollen-filled “balls” to appear. 

After the balls form, you can stop misting the female plant with the colloidal silver solution. Instead, you can choose to treat that specific part of the strain so that the particular area will be the only one to change from this point forward. Always be careful when spraying your plants with the solution because any buds that come into contact with the solution won’t be safe for consumption.  

Getting Colloidal Silver 

There are three ways for you to acquire the colloidal silver solution: Buy the solution, purchase a kit, or make the kit.  

When you want to buy colloidal silver, search for a solution with at least 30 parts per million (PPM) of silver. Be warned that a prepared solution can become expensive especially when you’re planning on using it on many seeds.  

If you don’t want to spend the extra cash, then you can buy a colloidal silver generator kit instead. This product is a long-term solution but can be slightly more expensive than just buying a regular solution. However, having the kit in your private marijuana growing facility allows you to have an endless supply of colloidal silver. This kit tends to come with everything you need to create the solution and it can even include the silver.  

If you’re in a tight budget and want to make a DIY colloidal silver generator kit, then you can make the product out of certain materials. There are guides you can find online on how to create a generator kit and some of these manuals provide step-by-step processes perfect for beginner marijuana growers 

After Spraying the Colloidal Silver Solution 

Once you’ve finished spraying the plants with colloidal silver and the sacs form, wait until the “balls” swells like a large empty balloon. You’ll know when the sacs are ready because it looks like they’re about to burst. Furthermore, the leaf section protecting the pollen inside the sacs will start to crack. Just carefully remove the pollen sacs from the plant and store them in a cool dry place for about 7 days. 

Keep the sac in a small ziplock bag so they won’t accumulate any unnecessary moisture. You can make the pollen come out of the “balls” by shaking the bag a bit. Otherwise, you can also cut the sacs open to get the pollen from within.  

Storing the Pollen 

There is one main enemy of your pollen which can potentially harm the entire process of feminizing your marijuana seeds, and that is moisture. You can add regular cooking flour to pollen to double its bass. This cooking ingredient can help absorb any moisture in the pollen during storage. Furthermore, the flour can make pollen application easy during pollinating. Afterward, you can then stick the Ziploc bag with the pollen and cooking flour mixture in the freezer. Make sure that you place a name tag on the bag to avoid confusing it with something else.  

Using the Feminized Pollen to Pollinate a Female Strain 

After your chosen “mother plant” is now 2 to 3 weeks into its blooming or flowering stage, you can now “paint” your feminized pollen using an ordinary paintbrush (make sure to clean it first). Use the arts and crafts tool to place pollen on areas you want to pollinate. Bear in mind that only the buds that do come into contact with the feminized pollen will start to grow feminized seeds.  

You can choose to only pollinate some of your buds or you can pollinate all of your crops. However, most marijuana gardeners choose to pollinate only a few of their plants to harvest and smoke the non-pollinated crops.  

After pollinating some or all of your buds, it will take about 8 weeks for the feminized seeds to grow. There might be some plants that will die as soon as the seeds become ready. To get the most workable seeds, you should keep most of your plants alive as much as you can until the seeds begin to drop. You can use the seeds right away or you can store them first.  

Getting Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Sale 

If you want to skip all the effort in creating feminized marijuana seeds, you can buy them from retailers instead. Always remember that quality is always important when buying cannabis seeds, feminized, or otherwise. One vital key to acquiring healthy marijuana plants is to start using high-quality seeds. Also, you need to give your plants quality nutrients, the right amount of light and darkness, and adequate watering for the strains to give you bountiful yields.  

How to Know the Quality of Cannabis Seeds 

You can start by gauging the look and feel of the seeds. There are some glaringly obvious details because one look at the product and you’ll see if it’s good for planting or not. However, there are some seeds that you may need to take a bit of time touching and feeling them before you decide to buy. Signs of a good seed include having shades of grey and black. Sometimes good seeds will have a tiger stripe design.  

As for the feel, seeds that feel firm to the touch tend to have better quality than those that feel soft. To check if it’s firm or soft, place the seed between your index finger and thumb. Give it a light squeeze that’s not too strong nor too soft. If the seed feels firm and won’t break or bend, then it’s a good choice for planting.  

Whether you feminize your cannabis seeds or acquire feminized seeds from a trusted retailer, you should germinate them regardless of the quality. The tried and true method of testing the genetic potential of your marijuana seeds is to put them in the soil. Just make sure you keep a close eye on your crops to avoid any unnecessary mistakes or mishaps that may take place.

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