How to Pollinate Female Marijuana

how to pollinate cannabis

Growing medical marijuana is not only about choosing the right breed to grow and how to pollinate cannabis but also the right gender that suits your needs. The growth of female cannabis is the most favored of most medical marijuana users because female cannabis has the highest amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content as opposed to male and hermaphrodite marijuana. The primary reason why male marijuana is used with female marijuana is to pollinate them. Listed below are the steps on how to pollinate a female

Step 1: Separate the male from female marijuana.

As a starter in the pollination process of your cannabis, it is important that you are aware of the difference between male and female marijuana. You have to keep an eye for males and hermaphrodite cannabis since they might pollinate in advance your female cannabis with the female marijuana not mature enough for pollination. Also despite the fact that hermaphrodites are both male and female, they can also pollinate your pure female marijuana. Take note that male marijuana matures faster than female cannabis.

Step 2: Collect the pollen of male marijuana.

After you have segregated the male from female marijuana. It is now time to get the pollen of your male cannabis. Attach a paper bag on the end of a flowering branch of the male pot. Also, you can use clear plastic to see the pollens collected. Second, put tape around the bag container and seal it completely with the stem. Make sure that you put a small opening in the top corner to allow air to circulate.

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Step 3: Cut.

After the collection of male marijuana pollens, it is time to cut the branch where the bag is attached. Take note that you have to cut the branch and not bend it or snap it since you do not want to do damage in the totality of your male marijuana.  Pour the pollen in a ziplock and seal it then put it inside a fridge.

Step 4: Pollinating time.

After storing the male cannabis pollen in a fridge, this is the time for pollination. When your female pot has developed long pistils, it means that it is ready for pollination. Put the ziplock bag over the end of the cola and you will see the pollen attached itself to the flowers.

Step 5: Patience.

After the maturity of the pollination, you do not have to immediately gather the seeds. You can tell that the marijuana seed is ready when it is very dark in color.


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