How to Preserve the Characteristics of your Female Marijuana Plants

Female Marijuana Plants

In the cannabis industry, female marijuana plants bear more importance than the male plants when it comes to medicinal and recreational purposes. Female plants are enormously valuable because of its capacity to give off flowers called sensimillia which contain high level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for that high and stoned feeling when you smoke one, whereas male marijuana plants only contain a little amount of THC. Female plants can only produce the sensimillia once they reach maturity without being pollinated by male plants. As a grower, if you want your female plants to give you the real deal, you should see to it that they are able to achieve maturity by taking measures to preserve their characteristics.

Provide a Favourable Growing Environment 

A favourable environment would mean:

  • Lower temperature level
  • Increased humidity level inside the room
  • Good ventilation and airflow
  • Shortened light cycle
  • Longer dark cycle without interruption
  • pH of water should be around 6.6 to 6.8 levels
  • Higher Nitrogen level and lower Potassium 

Avoid stressing the plants 

It is important not to place your female marijuana plants in a situation where it’s stressful for them. Conditions such as abrupt changes in temperature and interruptions with dark cycles can predispose them to become hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditic Marijuana plants only develop when the plants become stressed from hostile changes in their environment. This is their some sort of defense mechanism to ensure that their kinds survive even with the most unfavourable conditions. Since hermy plants contain both female and male characteristics, this means that they are capable of self- pollination. If happens that one of your crops develop the hermy qualities, segregate it from among the packs as soon as you can because it can release pollens that may pollinate the female population. 

Beware of male plants nearby 

If you plant the feminized Marijuana seeds that are genetically treated only to give rise to female plants, then you won’t have to worry about troubles brought about by male plants. But if you grow the regular seeds, beware of male plants. It is very important that as early as possible, you are able to detect the developing male plants for if they go unnoticed they can heavily pollinate the entire female population. If this happens, say goodbye to the valuable sensimillia. Certainly, you don’t want all your efforts, time, and resources to go to waste, so be vigilant.

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