How to Store Cannabis Seeds Using Mason Jars

how to store cannabis seeds

The life of plants is filled with mystery and wonder and potential. But with that, comes fragility and appropriateness to grow in time and space. The long journey from seed to plant is one of patience and endurance and when it comes to the farmer or grower, some tending loving care is needed. And this is no truer than in the life cycle of the cannabis plant whose cycle is filled with the potential to grow with much diversity as possible but at the cost of less nourishment when under harsh environments—a seed sowing its own reaping. Given all the benefits of cannabis seeds under the light of medical attention nowadays, this is a shame as it could benefit a lot of people. In dedication to the growth, support, and preservation of cannabis seeds, this article will talk about how to store cannabis seeds for bountiful harvests and a sustainability planting lifestyle.

The State Of Cannabis Seeds Storage And Production Today

As a product, the cannabis seeds have come from many maligned periods to a period of favorability and with much-renewed interest.

However, this has not stopped the larger-scale operation cannabis seed farmers from having issues with it, especially on the matters of the technologically advancing world.

This is because cannabis seeds and plant production is still dependent on the life structure of the plant species itself.

This structure, more than anything, dictates what the farms can or will do.

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Cannabis seeds grow quite fast relative to other plants, yes.

But it does not stop the modern farms and market from pointing out issues on why it does not grow fast enough.

And in this day and age of fast food, fast cars, and fast anything, the cannabis seed production in farms, it seems, needs to quicken their strides in the hopes to catch up with newer and less natural cycles.

The duration of a good eighteen weeks is quite natural for a plant that produces a drug-like psychedelic effect (strong strain development) while keeping away as much light as possible.

However, this is not enough for modern farming due to increased demands for more and more products, which calls for the cannabis seed structure to be manipulated to indoor operations which can account for light and humidity, tricking the plant to start sprouting the flower responsible for delivering the cannabinoid compounds—autumn or fall coming early in the unnatural cycle.

And this is well and good for the purposes of modern-day farm operations, but not always to the plant.

This is, in particular, an added reason as to why cannabis plants have been maligned—the processing methods manipulate too much.

With small group operations today, the processes have been much more open to returning to basic ways to cultivate cannabis seeds at a much more natural cycle.

Cannabis Seeds Features And Cycle To Consider Before Storage

Before storing your cannabis seeds in some sort of containers like a mason jar or one that contains silica-based gel, take note of the cannabis seed structure:

  1. Longer Duration For Modern Farming Cycles – They are of a similar nature to weeds and thus, need at least eighteen weeks to get from seed to maturity in the harvest times—processing into various modern products not included.
  2. The wrong Type Off Seeds Equals Wrong ProductFor appropriate mature cannabis to be grown from seed, often the specific type that is needed is that of a “female” because “male” ones tend to only produce and exhibit pollen or some production of certain seeds—the female is the one that produces the blooming of cannabinoid compounds.
  3. Seeding Vs Cutting ChoicesSome seeds can be cut apart to mix and match different strains and producing somewhat different kinds of plants—even though they look all look closely the same.
  4. Optimal Controlled Environment – Once seeds and cuts have been placed, they are then placed on a moist type of container (like a cube) with relatively low exposure to light and at a humidity label that is considered high for some standard areas—taking two weeks to start growing some roots.
  5. Light Management The needed control for light exposure is often paramount when the seeds begin to root and sprout out—give it at least a number of hours of sun exposure in any day and it will grow and process without even producing a cannabinoid bloom.
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These are some of the basic features and conditions that allow young cannabis seeds to grow into full and mature cannabis plants.

Some Crucial Guidelines

The general ‘rule of thumb’ when it comes to cannabis storage, which has humidity and light factors, rely upon some important factors:

  1. A cool and dry place like a fridge
  2. A duration of about two or three years
  3. Accounting for the humidity of about an ideal eight percent to as much as twenty-five percent
  4. A set of containers that can control for humidity like ones used for fermenting vegetables like a mason jar or a crockpot—mason jars being ideal for small-scale operations.
  5. A process of labeling different strains so that you can remind yourself not to open them inappropriately.

This would be the most basic factors to look out for on how to store cannabis seeds for the optimal harvest on a natural cycle.

You will need to monitor them closely in this sense and avoid rushing the process so that you can get seeds of relatively high quality and with that, high dosages of cannabinoids and variance with the products you can make out of them and how to store cannabis seeds.

The Appropriate Attention To Cannabis Seeds In Storage Yields Great Products

Without the tender and loving stewardship of a participant, these high yielding potential seeds cannot survive and grow to be flowers that contain what is often sought of them medically or recreationally.

Until the cannabis seed industry will find a thorough and proven way to make ‘hybrid seed mixtures’ that yield immortal plants, the rate of cannabis seed production still needs good amounts of basic care from any form of—old or modern—farming, despite how much we may want to cut corners.

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It is hoped that this has offered you some insight into how to store cannabis seeds with respect to the seeds themselves.

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