How to Tell if a Marijuana Seed Bank is Legit

legit marijuana seed bank

There are legal ways to obtain marijuana products. You can buy marijuana flowers on legit marijuana seed bank, concentrates, edibles, and all other cannabis goods from a local marijuana store and from an online site. If you are wondering what is a marijuana store is then you are not alone. New cannabis consumers are also asking the same thing.

A marijuana store is a dispensary, like a convenience store for cannabis or any legit marijuana seed bank. These are physical stores where you can buy all kinds of cannabis products as well as accessories such as smoking paraphernalia and so on. If cannabis consumption is legal in your country or state, you must look for legal marijuana stores to purchase marijuana.

To ensure that you are buying only from the legit marijuana seed bank, remember the following tips:

The appearance of the legit marijuana seed bank

Legit marijuana seed bank are located in cities or in densely-populated areas where people can have access to it. Just check out the modern cannabis dispensaries in Canada and the ultra-classy stores in Las Vegas. These are certainly legit sites where you can buy legal cannabis products and accessories. If the store is located in a shady area in the town or in a place where it’s unsafe then you must look elsewhere.

It is also important to take note of the outdoor area of the dispensary. The sign should say that it is a dispensary with the name of the company included. The perimeter of the dispensary should be well-lit and a parking area should be designated for customers.

Inside a legit dispensary, you must find an area where customers may stay as they wait for their orders to be processed. This area should be well-lit, must-have reading materials, or informative posters about cannabis and the different products offered by the dispensary.

Most legit dispensaries have an area where customers can smell their products. This is to take note that the aroma and flavor of weed affect the way it is enjoyed by customers. Legal dispensaries may also have a section where customers can touch the weed and where they can try out different accessories.

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After staying for a while in the reception area, your name or number will be called and you will be asked to come inside a room where your orders will be processed discreetly. A representative or sales personnel will help you with any questions about cannabis. If the store also sells seeds for growing, the sales personnel will be able to help you with any marijuana growing question. You will stay in this room as your orders are processed and paid.

Security features of the dispensary

Legal cannabis dispensaries have fool-proof security. These stores have security personnel on the premises. Security cameras are located outside and inside the dispensary. This is to protect customers as well as store personnel.

Security personnel will also ask for an ID upon entering the premises. This will check if you are of legal age to buy cannabis. Do you know that there are loitering laws for minors inside a dispensary in the US?

In Nevada, anyone under 21 years of age will not be permitted to enter a legit marijuana store. A minor will not be able to receive orders from the mail. It is also illegal for a minor to possess cannabis paraphernalia. Fines may be enforced for anyone violating these rules.

If consuming cannabis is permitted from where you are located but growing is not then legit marijuana stores have no choice but to comply with this rule. Some will still sell cannabis seeds though but these are sold as souvenirs. You won’t find personnel talking to you about growing weed and will refuse to help you when you ask.

Cannabis products that they offer

The marijuana products that this store offers is of the best quality and from legit breeders locally or internationally. Usually, breeders will advertise where you can get their products legally usually from large-scale marijuana stores in most big cities.

The products such as dried flowers should be sold inside the correct breeder’s packaging. This packaging is similar to food packaging where you can’t see what’s inside. This protects the dried flower inside the package.

These should be properly labeled with information like the name of the strain, the name of the breeder or grower, the date the flower was harvested, the amount of cannabinoid and terpene profile, and information about the flower-like whether it is a Sativa or indica, recreational or medicinal, etc.

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The package should have logos or brands of the grower or dispensary.  It must be unopened and should have a guarantee for quality. Legal cannabis has accurate weight and will have the best quality.

Usually, marijuana stores don’t just sell dried flowers but also all kinds of cannabis products. You may find oils, concentrates, creams, sprays and so many more. There are also stores that sell marijuana edibles like chocolate, brownies, candies, gummy bears, rice Krispies and so many more. You may use edibles to get high or to medicate but make sure to take only a moderate dose to avoid unwanted effects.

If you can buy marijuana edibles, be sure to check the packaging for the manufactured date and the amount of THC per serving. Usually, there are laws for marijuana edibles that should be followed. In Colorado, edibles are required to have a 10 mg amount of THC per serving. This allows users to medicate and at the same time enjoy a really good high.

When buying cannabis accessories like smoking or vaping accessories, review your options early. Most stores won’t allow you to use or test these inside their purchases. Make sure to keep your receipt in case you need to take your purchase back.

Payment systems that they offer

The most common payments accepted by marijuana stores are cash and credit card payments. If you prefer to use bank transfers or money transfers then you may be better off using an online dispensary to order your cannabis.

In the US for instance, local dispensaries don’t accept any other payment method than cash. Marijuana stores in states where cannabis is legal, you will find ATMs inside establishments. If you don’t have cash, make a withdrawal first so you can pay for your purchases.

Legit marijuana stores will state their payment methods outright. They won’t ask you to pay using wire transfers or ask additional payment from you. They are honest and legal shops that operate under the regulation of the federal government.

Physical shops with corresponding online sites

As you check out different marijuana stores you will soon find out that some stores have actual online sites. These online marijuana dispensaries sell products that are sold from the actual stores. These online stores offer local deliveries. Your orders will be sent to your mailing address and to receive your package, you must present your identification card to verify your address.

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These online marijuana stores are perfect for people who live remotely from a physical store. It is quite impossible to find a legit cannabis store when you live from a remote location which is why the only way to buy weed is to simply order their marijuana online.

Possible delivery options

It is quite easy to take your purchases home when you order from a legit marijuana store. But for those who can’t make it to the store, they may wish to order via phone or by texting their orders. This is a service enjoyed by customers in Las Vegas.

Considering that most local dispensaries in The Strip are always full of customers, most of the time these business establishments have a large number of people and it is just too time-consuming to fall in line. Most of these establishments just offer the phone in service or text service so you can skip falling in line.

Discount offers

Another good thing about marijuana stores is that they mostly offer good discount offers and deals. The most common offers are 20% up to 50% off on cannabis products. You may even find free delivery offers for local customers too.

A local marijuana consumer’s favorite in Nevada is regular specials that are offered by local legit stores. One store offers specials day after day with special 50% off on Fridays. There are also special prices for seniors, students, teachers, and medical marijuana users.

But usually, these marijuana stores become flocked with customers making it hard to purchase exactly what you want. This is where phone or text orders come in handy. You don’t need to wait in line or to spend so much time at the store when you call or text your orders early.

To find legit marijuana stores from where you are located, check these out online. You can find local stores using Google or other apps like Leafly or Seamless. Just enter your location or enable location on your mobile device and these apps will find you the nearest marijuana store.

Now you won’t have to ask what is a marijuana store is anymore because you already know what to expect when you visit.

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