How to Tell if your Feminized Cannabis Plants are Ready to Harvest

feminized cannabis plants

One of the essential phases in the growth of female marijuana is its cultivation. Also, this time showcases the yield that reflects the care and hardships of a female cannabis grower. Presented below are some questions and concerns regarding the harvest of feminized cannabis plants.

How would I know if the feminized cannabis plants that I am growing are ready for harvest?

Harvesting is the most fun part of growing marijuana. You harvest weeds when they are already ripe. Marijuana’s ripeness is known through the white pistils turning brown or orange. Use a magnifying glass to check the THC crystals on the buds of your feminized cannabis plants. When you see that the buds are mostly clear and not in the colors of brown and orange, it means that it is a time for cultivation. When you see that the buds are turning brown it means that the buds are dropping its THC level.

Why Time of Harvest is an Important in the Cultivation Phase?

Time is important in the harvest of the female of marijuana since this aspect defines the THC that you will get. When you started to harvest the female weed early with only a few of the pistils have turned color, the buds will give you more pure THC content. The pure THC is very cerebral making you feel the high immediately when smoked.

Is it all right to harvest feminized cannabis plants early? How about late?

Harvesting late or early depends on the grower. I suggest that it would be better if you harvest early than late provided that the signs of ripening are very visible.

How will I Harvest my Marijuana?

Proper cutting of the stalks of your buds is needed for you not to damage the cannabis. The first step is to remove all dead leaves from cannabis. Second, cut each branch of the weed. Third, cut off all the offshoots from the removed branch. Make sure that you are using sharp cutting tools to do these steps with ease. Fourth, remove all the leaves and hung the female weed upside down. Make sure that there is good ventilation so that the buds will dry quickly. Fifth, remove all the small hairs found on the buds. The last but not the least step is to secure the clean gathered buds in a zip-lock.

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