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hybrid cannabis seeds for sale

Cannabis has been the buzz (pun intended) because of how countries and states that legalize its use and cultivation have been increasing in numbers. The rise in cannabis awareness and legalization has paved way for a lot of users to grow their own marijuana plants back at home. Most of these home growers use hybrid weed seeds because of their lovely effects. But, if you want to grow your own cannabis plants, you also have to know where to get hybrid cannabis seeds for sale.

What are hybrid cannabis seeds?

For you to better understand what hybrid cannabis seeds are, you first have to know the two main species of marijuana: Indica and Sativa.

1. Indica

Indica cannabis plants are the type of strains that are smaller in physical stature. They can be easily identified because they rarely exceed six feet in height. Some Indicas don’t even reach a foot tall. These types of strains also tend to be greener. Their leaves are usually broader.

As to effects, Indica strains are the relaxing types of marijuana. They tend to put users into a calm and body-heavy state that makes them feel lazy and lethargic. This relaxed state often relieves muscular tension to make spasms and body pain go away. They also tend to make users fall asleep as the high wears on.

Because of these effects, Indicas are usually used in the medical field as pain-relieving treatments. They also work well to fend off the symptoms of sleep deprivation and can help treat cancer symptoms.

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Indica plants prefer to grow in high-altitude environments because their genetic ancestors were first discovered near the Hindu Kush mountain range. Due to their nature, they are resistant to a lot of cold weather-related conditions and are usually cultivated in indoor environments.

Some of the more popular Indica strains are Blueberry, Grape Ape, Northern Lights, Blue Cheese, LA Confidential, and Bubba Kush. Snoop Dogg, a popular celebrity endorser of cannabis, prefers Indica strains such as Herijuana.

2. Sativa

Sativa strains can be considered the opposites of Indicas. In terms of appearance, they are huge plants that can grow taller than 13 feet. That’s just about as tall as an average tree. The leaves are also spaced out more and are thinner and narrower compared to Indicas. Sativas also tend to have a lighter shade of green.

In terms of effects, Sativas are the invigorating types of marijuana. They provide a jolt of euphoric energy that instantly uplifts the mental aspect of the user to make him happier and more energetic. This kind of an invigorating buzz improves focus and creativity. In some cases, it may even cause sensory distortions if the strain is too potent.

Because of these effects, Sativas are called the daytime strain. They provide just as much energy as a few cups of coffee do. That is why they are the best strains to use early in the morning or before engaging in tough mental and physical activities.

Sativas prefer to be grown in warm climates due to the fact that the first Sativas can be found in tropical places such as South America and Asia. They are also best suited for growing outdoors because of their massive sizes. However, they can also be grown in a controlled indoor environment.

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The most popular Sativas are Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Green Crack, Maui Wowie, and the legendary Jack Herer.

3. Hybrids

Now that you know what Indicas and Sativas are, it is now easier to know what hybrids are. Hybrid weed seeds are basically the combination of Indicas and Sativas. They are born out of the crossbreeding of two different Indica and Sativa plants. In that sense, the hybrid possesses qualities that belong to both species of cannabis.

Hybrid strains are known to have effects similar to both Indicas and Sativas. They can have the relaxing type of high that Indicas are known for as well as the euphoric buzz that Sativas usually provide. However, the appearance and effects may vary depending on which side the hybrid leans towards to.

If the hybrid is Indica-dominant, it might possess more Indica qualities and effects. The same can be said about a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It simply depends on their chemical and genetic composition.

Hybrids have become a favorite in today’s world of cannabis because of how they combine the lovely effects of both species of marijuana. This also makes them the best medicinal strains in the world.

Where can you get hybrid seeds?

Hybrid cannabis seeds can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Street sellers
  • Bag seeds
  • Online stores

Street sellers are your local dealers that grow their own cannabis plants or know people that have their own marijuana operation. The hybrid seeds that these sellers sell vary depending on the types of plants they cultivate. While they may sell seeds at more affordable rates, quality remains an issue as you probably won’t know whether they will germinate or not or whether they really are the type of strains your seller says they are.

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Bag seeds are the cannabis seeds you get from a bag of hybrid cannabis seeds for sale. When you buy cannabis from a store, you will most likely find seeds that come from the plants inside the bag. While these seeds are technically free, their quality and strain identity is still an issue. You won’t know if they will germinate or not. And when it comes to their strain, you also can’t tell if they are the exact same strains as the parent marijuana plant that you bought because the female cannabis inside the bag might have gotten pollinated by a different strain of male cannabis.

The third option, online stores, tend to be the best in terms of overall quality. They might sell hybrid cannabis seeds for sale at higher prices but you can get these seeds at a good deal if you purchase them in bulk. Also, you are assured that these seeds will germinate. And the best part is that you have a wide variety of strains to choose from.

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