How to Make a Hybrid Weed Plant

hybrid weed plant

Hybrid weed plant are the result produced from the cross between two or more cannabis varieties. The crossbreeding resulted in new strains with unique traits that didn’t exist prior to the cross. These characteristics are desirable for some reason, bringing new flavors, effects, and morphologies to the large family tree of cannabis. If you want to know how to make a hybrid weed plant, then this article is for you.

Modern hybrids are the product of a lengthy, arduous breeding and selection process carried out by breeders in the cannabis industry, the result of which is a new strain with different or improved traits. In other words, crossbreeding is a means of improving or accentuating the traits cannabis is appreciated for, that is the flavor, the effect, the duration, and the adaptability to the environment.

How to make a hybrid weed plant?

Crossbreeding two different varieties or strains of a female plant and male pollen by pollination is called hybridization. The purpose of this is to produce a completely new strain with new desirable traits. Hybrids are made to cater to the demands of the market. This demand varies as to potency, productivity, flavor, smell, and resistance to pestilence and diseases. Others may include adaptability to different environments.

The legalization of the use of medical marijuana in some states and countries has drawn breeders to their breeding boards to come up with the new desirable breed of cannabis for medical uses. But first of all, it is but proper to have some understanding about plant reproduction and plant heredity before going ahead with breeding our own strain of marijuana. The first thing to understand about plant reproduction is how it is that traits get passed on from parent plants to the subsequent plant. Each cannabis plant contains ten pairs of chromosomes, each pair is made up of a female gene and a male gene. There are, then, 20 chromosomes in each cannabis plant. These chromosomes are what makeup up the plant itself, including taste, color, and potency. Each cell contains two genes, which make up one chromosome for each characteristic.

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It is recommended that we familiarize ourselves with how heredity works in plants to give ourselves a better understanding of how it is that plants attain their characteristics from their parents. It is also necessary to understand the difference between the types of breeding.

Inbreeding creates what is called a pure breed. This kind of plant has quite consistent traits with little variation between the plants. This is because the chromosomes in the plant are consistent. When you are choosing which plants you are going to be outbreeding, make sure you are choosing purebred plants. This ensures that their characteristics are strong and consistent, and this produces less variability in the offspring of your hybrid.

Outbreeding is the process of creating a new plant using two purebred plants. Naturally, the two purebred plants you choose are going to have a different makeup of traits and characteristics, and breeding the two will create a whole new set of characteristics. You will be using the pollen from a male plant to fertilize the seeds of a female plant, and at the point of fertilization, the seed will take on one characteristic from the male chromosome and one character from the female chromosome. With that seed, you will then plant what will be the hybrid offspring of your very own strain of marijuana.

The trick is going to be obtaining as many seeds as possible to observe all the different character variations that are present in the offspring plants. Then, depending on how many are displaying the desired characteristics, they may be inbred to produce purebred plants of this strain. However, having a large number of seeds to allow for a large volume of offspring plants gives a greater chance for success than just a few seed selections.

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Seed selection is very important in the hybridization process. When seeds are classified and selected they are then germinated and planted. By this process, the breeder can now determine whether the desired traits have been accomplished. A plant that shows the desired characteristics are then tagged and is made to bear seeds. The process is repeated but this time the new plant will be inbred with the pure parent variety three or more generations to stabilize the desired characteristics. After three generations and the desired traits have been stabilized the seeds are marketed as foundation seeds to different breeders around the globe.

It is very important that new breeders understand the hybridization process as explained above. Some new breeders may think that by crossing two breeds of plants or animals it is already hybridization. Yes, it is, however hybridization doesn’t just stop in the first pollination or mating. You may produce freaks. As explained, the process is not simple and easy. There plenty of factors to be considered.

Other factors

The other important factor in breeding your own strain of marijuana is the environmental factor. As with growing any other plant, cannabis requires a stable environment for optimum growth. Once you decide on your growing method, make sure it remains consistent, because plants that have been stressed begin to produce abnormal flowers. So the first rule is to make sure that your environmental situation is consistent throughout the growth period. Different varieties of marijuana are suited to be cultivated in different environmental conditions. Some varieties thrive in a tropical climate while others prefer semi-arid and arid climates. Most marijuana strains come from the middle east (Afghanistan) and Asia (India). Some varieties are native to the Americas. In temperate nations, marijuana is mostly cultivated indoors in a highly lighted controlled environment. However, there are already marijuana strains that can adapt to the cold environment and freeze resistance.

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Sexual deviation or sexual reversal are the kinds of things that can happen to plants that have been stressed, often causing female flowers with male parts or the other way around. Don’t confuse these for a wonderful new strain of marijuana, as what has happened is it has become a plant called hermaphrodites. Be wary to keep the environment consistent if it is grown outdoors, or to maintain the light and dark periods impeccably if you are indoor growing. To learn more about how to make a hybrid weed plant, visit Robert Bergman’s site.


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