Important Things to Consider in Growing Female Marijuana

growing female marijuana plants

Growing female marijuana plants are much preferred by many recreational users and growers alike because they contain higher levels of THC compared to males. Male plants just go only in handy if your purpose is to reproduce more of your strains. But if you are just after for the potency and that certain high and stoned feeling, then you might want to get rid of those males real fast before they can heavily pollinate the entire female population, consequently giving you poor quality crops. As a grower, you surely don’t want this to happen to you and even just to think about it makes you a little uneasy. And so, you have to take care of your female marijuana plants as if they mean the whole world to you.

Just like when you grow any other types of plants, growing female marijuana plants entail some important considerations for them to grow properly and give you higher yield during the harvest period.

Provide Consistency for Growing Female Marijuana Plants

Marijuana plants can barely stand stressful conditions. You have to provide an environment that is consistent enough to avoid stressing them. The temperature and humidity levels inside the room must be well maintained. Also, avoid surprising them when they are in dark cycles. Measures should be taken to prevent disrupting this cycle. For when marijuana plants are stressed, they tend to develop into hermaphrodites containing both the qualities of male and female plants to ensure the survival of their kinds through self- pollination during hostile conditions. When one in the packs becomes hermy, it has the tendency to pollinate other female plants so it must be taken out as soon as possible.

More of Blue Light for Growing Female Marijuana Plants

Female Marijuana plants favor the cool blue lights during their vegetative phase. Consider setting up sources of light that give off this kind of color during this stage.

Temperature Down while Humidity Up 

Female Marijuana plants tend to thrive well in this condition. To achieve this, you must increase the ventilation or airflow of the room to regulate the temperature to a minimum while inviting more moisture in.

Early Detection of Males Nearby 

As early as possible, be watchful on the developing male marijuana plants nearby. All you want is for the flowers of your female marijuana plants to reach maturity and produce valuable sensimillia. In order for this to happen, you must avoid the females from being pollinated by the males. Get rid of male plants nearby as soon as possible.

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