Increasing the Yield of Female Marijuana

buds of a female marijuana

There are marijuana growers and smokers who are only allowed to limit the number of marijuana making their yields lower compared to others. The increase in this process will not deal with the branch grown by marijuana but the buds produced by female marijuana.

The buds of female marijuana play a vital role in the life of a smoker since it is the female gender of cannabis that is responsible for giving a high THC level. Listed below are some of the ways how you can increase the yield of your female marijuana.

Invest in the knowledge and mastering of the SCROG method for buds of female marijuana.

SCROG or screen of green is a technique that manipulates the growth of marijuana. This method is advanced for harvesting female marijuana. This technique is popularly practiced by indoor cannabis growers with limited space. This technique can still be utilized by outdoor growers to maximize other outdoor spaces. The planters that will benefit from this technique are those who use it for medical purposes since most of them are only allowed a limited number of cannabis.

SCROG method or screen of green technique happens through maximizing the ability of a single root female marijuana strain to produce more yields by creating more stems and branches. The major problems encountered by female marijuana growers who practice SCROG involve a not well-ventilated space and not receiving an equal amount of light. The reason for this problem is that the pot is overcrowded with leaves. The best thing that you can do is to trim the leaves of the plant but never take out all the leaves since there will be no food maker for your Haze cannabis.

Increase the light received by your Original Haze.

Another option to use when you are not an expert in the SCROG method is the increase of light received by your female marijuana. This method works because it is the light that causes food production for your female cannabis. The light is transformed into energy for photosynthesis. The best time to increase the amount of light that you will be giving you female marijuana is during its germination stage. Just a friendly reminder, kindly do not overdo this since you do not want to create huge female marijuana or you do not want your marijuana to get sick because of over nutrients.

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