Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

indoor cannabis cultivation

If you are in a country or region where cannabis growing is prohibited, there’s no other choice but to engage in indoor cannabis cultivation. Indoor cannabis cultivation will let you hide your cannabis from plain sight. You will also be able to protect your plants and manage these from seedling to harvesting. Indoor growing will also let you monitor your plants closely; you can check on their well-being and handle any condition like overwatering/under watering and nutrient deficiencies quickly.

But as you indoor cannabis cultivation, you’ll have to commit to a long yet fulfilling task of caring for your plants. You will literally be like a god to your plants providing them with air, water, and light. You will be protecting your plants from the elements and making sure that each one gets to grow according to its full potential.

But despite all the work How To Marijuana says that it is really very easy to grow cannabis at home. You can grow your own cannabis and won’t have to rely on anyone to supply you with good weed. Marijuana is very easy to grow because the plant is very resilient and it can grow quickly. You can grow cannabis in any kind of environment and climate condition for as long as you consider all its needs.

Basic equipment to Indoor cannabis cultivation

  • Grow lights (LED or HPS lamps)
  • 2 small fans
  • Grow tent or a grow cabinet
  • Pots and potting mix
  • Carbon filters
  • Fertilizer
  • Marijuana Seeds

You can buy these individually or you can purchase a complete set. All of these are available in an online marijuana growing site or you can find these from local cannabis growing supplies store.

All about your marijuana grow tent or grow cabinet

There is a variety of grow tents and growing cabinets available from online or local stores. Most first time growers rely on ready-made cabinets which has all the works. But if you are a creative person, you can make your own using simple materials at home.

Grow tents available online come with complete equipment to immediately grow weed. Here, you can keep your cannabis plants safe from their seedling stage to the time you are ready for harvest. A good tent should be able to keep the light in so this must have reflective panels inside and should have a good door that will keep light from seeping through. It should keep the strong smell in and out using an exhaust system and there should be simple openings where electrical cords can pass through. Tents should be easy to set up and must have a locking mechanism so you can keep your plants safe and sound.

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All about your grow lights

Your cannabis plants are dependent on light to grow. Remember that the better your lights are, the more your plants will grow and produce good yields. There are a variety of grow lights available in the market and the most popular are HID lamps, CMH lamps, and LED lamps.

When it comes to efficiency and intensity, LED lamps are the best. This is the most modern type of grow lights and is energy efficient. LED bulbs are available in different wattages but could be very expensive. But no doubt that the money you spent on bulbs will be augmented by the savings you’ll get. Keep in mind that there are different types of LED lights available; there are cheap ones and expensive ones. Cheap bulbs may produce small buds while top quality and expensive bulbs can produce the best harvest.

Another type of grow lights is HID or high-intensity discharge bulbs. This type of lighting is kind of old school but will provide you with intense light and heat for your plants. The disadvantage of using this type of lamp is that these consume so much power. These are cheap and easy to buy though.


Cannabis plants require fresh air to be able to grow healthy and strong. You must maintain the ideal humidity and ventilation inside a grow tent or grow space or else you’ll risk growing molds, pests, and mildew. White powdery mildew is one of the most common types of mold that plague cannabis crops. You won’t be able to easily spot this because these usually start to devour plant leaves from the underside. In one night, your crops could become useless. Most growers discover this when it’s too late and their buds are already unusable. To prevent this entirely, maintain the ideal humidity levels inside your growing cabinet at all times using efficient fans.

And to take care of strong odors, use a carbon filter. Carbon filters are easy to install and are available in garden stores and in cannabis growing shops.

All about pots and soil mixes

You can actually use any kind of pot but for a more efficient way to grow your plants, use a fabric pot. These pots are better than clay or plastic pots because this will allow excess water to drain from soil mix and roots. It also allows oxygen to reach the roots more efficiently. You can drain water faster using this kind of pot. When choosing the right soil mix, choose a sandy-clayey soil because this can absorb water and nutrients better. This kind of soil will let excess nutrients and water drain from the roots as well.

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The best soil medium should have all the nutrients that young plants need therefore there is no need to add more. The nutrients found in good soil can sustain your plants for its first 3 weeks of its life. After this, you may now add growing or vegging nutrients to your soil.

Use only the best marijuana seeds

After you have installed the lights, fans and secured your grow tent or cabinet, you may now grow your seeds. Purchase good quality seeds online or from a local seed bank. Don’t just grow any kind of seed that you find in a bag or some unknown seeds because chances are you don’t know what you are growing.

Germinating your cannabis

How many seeds should you sow? When you want to grow regular cannabis seeds, there is a chance that you are getting 50% females and 50% males so you should grow more seeds to compensate. You will remove males after you discover them later so make sure to grow as many seeds as you can.

If you are growing feminized seeds, sow 12 seeds for a grow cabinet or tent that can fit 10 plants. But as much as possible, grow as many seeds as you can to compensate for any duds or non-viable seeds.

To make germination easier, you will use Jiffy pellets. These pellets are easy to use; simply soak these pellets overnight in water so they will double their size. In the morning, remove from water and let these drain water until they are damp. Afterward, plant the seed inside or in the middle of the pellet. Place these pellets on a dish or in a container. You must keep the pellets damp by simply placing water in the container. Usually, it will take only 3 to 7 days for cannabis plants to germinate.

Time to place seedlings inside their home

Once your seeds have sprouted, you may now place these inside their grow tent or cabinet. Power on your grow lights and place these over your plants for 18 hrs. Switch your lights off for 6 hrs. Use a timer to automatically power on and off your lights. Keep the soil moist and just let your plants grow quietly.

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Roots will soon sprout from the pellets and your seedlings will grow more leaves. These are signs that your plants are ready to be transplanted to a larger pot. There is no need to remove these from the pellets, just plant the entire plant with the pellet in the soil. Create a hole about two to three inches deep in the middle of the soil and plant the pellet. Add remaining soil and lightly compress it. Place the newly transplanted plants under your strong grow lights.

Young plants need about approximately 1 x per week while mature plants 1 x per day. Water only when the soil is dry and now when the soil is wet or damp. Excess water should drain out of the pots.

The vegetative stage

The vegetative stage is when plants veg out, grow taller, and wider depending on the strain and will develop stronger roots. Lights at this stage should be 18 hours on and 6 hours off for 3.5 weeks. Some growers may recommend using 24 hours of light but you can start with an 18/6 schedule to avoid very high energy costs.

The flowering stage

It will take around 3.5 weeks for your plants to finish growing and be ready for making buds. At this time, switch the lights to a 12/ 12 schedule. At this schedule, your plants will think that it is time to create flowers. It will now switch from the vegetative to the flowering stage.  You will now see the first buds after about 4 weeks under 12/12 hour light.

Finding and removing males

Both males and females create buds but have different appearances. Females grow buds with whitish hairs while males grow balls and sacs that contain pollen. You must remove males before these start to pollinate the female plants. After the males have been removed, your females will now produce unfertilized buds.

How to feed fertilizer to cannabis plants

There are available fertilizer mixes for cannabis plants. These ready-made mixes are either for the vegging phase or the flowering phase. Choose the right one that’s ideal for your plants. Fertilizer is always mixed with water and this is watered to plants.

When your buds have grown and ready for harvest, check if the buds are ready using a magnifying glass. Check for the color of the pistils and the clarity of the trichomes (the resin found inside the buds). Indoor cannabis cultivation can be done in any region or any country for as long as you maintain the need of your plants from seedling to harvest time.

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