How to Hide the Smell of Outdoor Cannabis Strains?

smell of cannabis strains

The smell of outdoor cannabis strains is the most distracting thing. While this can be a source of pleasure for growers, it can also become a problem if they need to conceal the presence of their plants.

To prevent the smell of weed there are different methods available, for both indoor and outdoor crops, ranging from home remedies, like planting other aromatic species in the area, to installing carbon filters in ventilation systems to clean the air and avert suspicion.



Cannabis plants can take on different shapes, sizes, and aromas. Some strains exude less stank than others. One should avoid anything remotely close to Skunk and Cheese varieties. These were specially developed for their pungent aromas, which have the power to wake up the entire neighborhood.

Durban Poison, a South African Sativa-dominant variety is a great pick. This strain is praised for its energetic and uplifting effects, as well as its natural scent. Durban Poison can become relatively tall; if a shorter strain is desired, Northern Lights is a smart choice. It’s a stocky indica-dominant variety, delivering its consumers with a blissful chill. Grapefruit is another great pick. This strain grows quite fast and emits weaker fragrances.

Drown Out the smell of cannabis strains



Those who grow right under society’s nose will need to worry more about the smell, while those wild blue yonder growers bank on never being found. The smell of outdoor cannabis strains, there’s not much you can do about that. That leaves you with the need to drown out the smell with other smelly plants. Plant whatever you can that is smelly and that will grow in your climate. You could use mint (which is extremely invasive and smelly) as a ground cover around your cannabis, and plant smelly plants around like rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, etc. If you plant smelly flowers, just make sure its flowering time coincides with that of cannabis.

A great way to minimize the weed odor is to plant other pungent flora as a cover-up. Planting some lavender next to your cannabis plants will not only smell amazing, but passersby will also simply say, “hmmm, interesting, it smells like lavender” and go on with their lives. Lavender also repels pesky insects and mice. Peppermint will also work miracles. The scent of peppermint entering the nostrils when hiking through a forest is amazing. Peppermint will help cover the scent of your cannabis plants and can be used to make relaxing teas and mad mojitos. Rosemary, lemongrass, and other companion plants can also help with covering the weed smell.

Hen you’re growing your own cannabis, there is one thing you need, that has nothing to do with the grow itself. In fact, many beginning growers forget about this altogether. I’m referring of course, to fragrant plants for covering up the smell of your grow. Cannabis in the flowering stage is extremely pungent. If you don’t want people to notice suspicious smells, you’re going to want to grow another type of garden to cover up the smell of your Kush plants. Which plants do you choose? These are the most fragrant plants you can cultivate to cover up the smell of outdoor cannabis strains.


The calendula plant is not only one of the most fragrant plants around, it has many other uses as well. Calendula flowers are often used for therapeutic purposes. The leaves have a more herbal scent, while the flowers smell sweet and strongly of resin.


Basil is a delicious herb that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It releases a strong, somewhat minty and peppery aroma, which will surely cover up the smell of even some of the strongest smell of outdoor cannabis strains. Basil is used to making pesto, which can of course be made with cannabis as well.


As far as fragrant plants that will cover up the smell of outdoor cannabis strains, you can’t go wrong with marjoram. The aroma of marjoram is similar to the strong herbal smell of oregano but slightly sweeter. Like basil, marjoram can also be grown indoors and outdoors. It is best when grown in containers and placed in a window where it can get plenty of sunshine. It’s a fairly easy herb to grow too, thus making it perfect for cannabis growers who want to focus their energies on their crop.


I personally love the smell of lavender, though others find it too strong. No matter your thoughts on the scent of lavender itself, you can’t deny that its fragrance does a great job covering up the smell of cannabis plants in full bloom. Lavender also works great for aromatherapy, so growing some lavender is sure to calm your nerves and alleviate stress.

Lavender is a great choice for plants to cover up the smell of your growth. Image Source: Huffington Post


This is another of my favorite fragrant plants, and it works perfectly for covering up the smell of your growth. Juniper is a shrub, and it will most likely attract animals to your garden, so make sure that you’re not using it to cover up an outdoor grow, otherwise animals might be drawn to your crops.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is pretty easy to grow and will give your garden a fresh lemony and slightly minty aroma, sure to cover up even the most pungent of cannabis plants. This most fragrant plant will grow in pretty much any environment, though it prefers sunshine!


Eucalyptus is a good herb to grow anyway, regardless if you’re growing cannabis or not. This herb can be used for a number of things besides covering up the smell of your growth. It not only helps you when you’ve got a bit of a cough, but the strong smell of sage helps repel pests that would otherwise destroy your crop.


Thyme is another one of the most fragrant plants you can grow, and as such is perfect for covering up the smell of your grow. This herb comes in many varieties, but the one you want is English thyme, which is the one that is most often used for cooking.


Rosemary is an excellent addition to any garden, especially those that are used to cover up the smell of cannabis. This fragrant herb is also known for reducing stress, so it is often used in aromatherapy. You’ll find that it is an excellent addition to your garden.


Mint needs no introduction because we all know what it smells like. There are few things that do a better job of covering up the smell of your growth than mint. Peppermint is incredibly beneficial for your health, and you’ll love being able to pick a fresh leaf off of your plant every day.


The process of covering the smell of cannabis greatly depends on the growing location. If one’s growing on the bottom floor of a block building where the vent will carry hot cannabis air into neighbor’s windows, it will be difficult to mask the smell. Indoor growers should purchase a carbon filter or an ozone generator to eliminate cannabis fragrances.

Outdoors, it’s easier to eliminate or at least cover the weed smell because the plantation is, well, outdoors, and there’s more space to grow companion plants and more air from the smell to diffuse. The best advice for indoor and outdoor operations is to grow autoflowering varieties, as long as they aren’t Skunk, Cheese, or Kush genetics. During the vegetative stage, the plants barely exude any aromas; it’s only in the flowering stage that the dank is expelled. Therefore, cannabis plants that flower for a shorter time, like autoflowers, are a better choice.

On the other hand, it is your goal to grow fragrant buds as smelly as humanely possible, check out our blog on Terpene Boosts!


You know that guy, the one who passes you on the subway, smelling like a tree? If you want to hide the smell of your stash, here’s how not to be that guy. First, don’t wear your hotboxing clothes after you just smoked your buddies out. Wear clean clothes, which weren’t involved in joint smoking sessions. Secondly, take a shower. Your skin and hair can absorb cannabis odors as well. Use some aromatic soap and deodorant, maybe try a detoxifying shampoo of sorts. You’ll smell intense, but it will do the trick.


It’s recommended to carry dabs or hash instead of the dry herb because they’re virtually odorless. However, if you have some dank herb on you, here’s what to do. Insert the weed in a plastic zip bag and seal tight. Double up on regular zip baggies and go for a bag-in-bag stash for extra security. Alternatively, you could also purchase zip bags that are guaranteed to be air and watertight.

Back at home, place your stash baggie in a jar or bag of coffee, and the stank will be virtually undetectable. Coffee works wonders in covering stash smells. The same can be said about pet food. The strong odor of kitty kibble is perfect for masking that weed smell, just hide your sealed-off stash in the bottom of the food bag. By the way, if plastic baggies aren’t your thing, you may want to grab yourself a mason jar to keep the odor tightly contained.


It’s best to always use a vaporizer if possible. Most vaporizers don’t actually burn the weed, so the odor is less significant. If a vaporizer is not available, a bong is a good choice because less weed is being burnt, which leads to less smell. Blunts and joints create a lot of smoke and should be avoided if stealthy operations are desired. One could build an old-school “sploof”, which is a plastic bottle or a toilet roll covered with kitchen towels and sealed with a rubber band. The smoke is then exhaled through the tube, which diminishes the odor, but doesn’t eliminate it. Direct masking of the weed smell is also an option. Light up some incense or spray some odor-neutralizing spray in the room if you have it. And of course, if possible, open the window!

Now you are ready to continue with your stank-free life. Remember all the advice, and keep it fresh. If anybody’s looking at you suspiciously, just stay cool and smile – just not too much.

  • We explain the different options to you.
    • How many times have you detected the presence of cannabis by its fragrance? Many times you have surely picked up a familiar scent and then, a few meters further on, came across a cannabis crop. Sometimes, no matter how well concealed smell of outdoor cannabis strains is, their scent can give them away. But don’t fret, as there are several methods, both indoors and out, to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
    • Flowering time is when your cannabis gives off the strongest scent, but some strains are more fragrant than others. Thus, if you prefer not to take your chances in this regard, you can select ones likes California Hash Plant, Industrial Plant, or Blue Thai, which feature citrus touches that partly mask their scent. Keep in mind, though, that all cannabis plants emit aromas, so it is important to be prepared to neutralize them.
  • What about outdoor crops? How does one deal with aromas?
  • The methods used indoors are useless on outdoor crops, which are subject to the capricious effects of shifting winds. If you think that when planting outdoors you could run into problems because of aromas, the first thing we recommend is to choose strains with weaker scents, such as those mentioned above.
  • Outdoors, one has all the advantages and disadvantages of nature. For example, sometimes the wind can be your best friend, blowing away scents you don´t want to be detected. Other times, however, it can be your worst enemy, transporting the scent to your neighbor’s house, or a public road that passes near your garden. The best way to prevent this is to plant other plants around it that give off a strong fragrance, using aromatic varieties like thyme, peppermint, mint, and even lavender, which will help mask your cannabis. Use a variety of these plants to distract potentially prying eyes.

The existence of other plants near your cannabis crop will also serve to keep it safe from insects and unwanted pests, because they will attract large numbers of predatory species, such as ladybugs, whose diets include pollen and honeydew. The more biodiversity, the more beneficial they will be for the smell of outdoor cannabis strains.

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