Everything You Should Know About Mainlining Autoflower Plants

mainlining autoflower plants

Marijuana cultivators have always experimented using different techniques in making sure that their plant will give off a good yield and a good profit exchange. If you search on the internet, it will give you countless tips on how to grow your cannabis plant and mainlining autoflower plants at home. What we can suggest is to invest in a good quality auto-flower marijuana seeds because using these will give you an advantage when it comes to yield and harvest time.

Although growers use different techniques in making sure that they reach their objectives, there’s no one size fits all strategy that can be used for cannabis cultivation. A whole set of factors can affect how you grow your marijuana and it will be a different case for another grower.

Since growers use different seeds and strains, they also use a different method in planting and taking care of them, one of these methods is the Mainlining technique. If you are interested in finding out what is mainlining, how to do it, and its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading as we will supply you will all the necessary information that you need to know about mainlining.

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What is Mainlining?

Mainlining is a Cannabis growing technique that has a growing popularity among modern-day cultivators. Cultivators use this in small spaces with the aim of increasing their yields. It restricts apical dominance (main, the central stem is dominant) by combining topping and low-stress training. By doing this, it allows the plant to focus its energy on the growing number of evenly-sized buds. 

Mainlining Cannabis Plants: A Step by Step Guide

  • Purchase the best auto-flower marijuana seeds you can find

It will always start with the basics. Just like what we have mentioned using the best autoflower marijuana seeds available in the market will already give you a head start in cultivation. Plant it and make sure you follow the instructions on how to plant it properly.

  • Allow your plant to grow at least 6 internodes. 

This will allow us to make an air plenum under the branches. Remember that good air circulation is a good consideration when growing cannabis. If you have plans of using clones, make sure that they have grown at least 3 internodes to ensure that the plant has enough branches.

  • Top/Tip at the third node

Hold on to your enthusiasm and make sure you don’t grub-out the emerging tip abruptly. In order to assure yourself of a strong start, leave a sprig of the stem behind. This will prevent a split stalk that hinders nutrient distribution and wound that might allow pathogens to enter.

Under-shuck the cannabis plants up to the third node to leave a bare stem, this allows good air circulation. When you notice that the emerging branches are strong enough, you can tie them down horizontally.

  • Create branches that will form 8 colas. 

By having 8 colas, any grower will find their cannabis plants to be energy and space-efficient plants. Allow the 2 main stalks to grow continuously until they have 4 nodes each. Now go ahead and remove the growth from both sides of the second node so that the emerging branches are growing from the same side of the branch and can be manipulated easily.

Top each of the remaining branches on the third node once more. You now have 8 primary branches. Continue training the branches horizontally and make sure they are equally spaced.

  • Proceed with the vegetation stage

If you know the cannabis strain that you’re working on, you should know when to adjust the photoperiod. Then continue training the plant horizontally. You should bend the branch that gets too close to the center as it extends and ties it into its place. Ensure that your tips are as level as possible.

  • You have the option to create more colas by repeating the process above.

But if you are a novice cultivator, you can stick with the basic process first and work your way into mastering the mainlining autoflower plants technique as time goes by.

Advantages of Mainlining your Cannabis Plants

  • Saves spaces for indoor gardening
  • Encourages the cannabis plant to produce a lot of large colas
  • Big yields that will turn into big profits later on
  • Cannabis plants give off excellent flower structure, therefore, giving good quality buds
  • Trimming the buds will become more automatic as they grow in the same size and shape
  • Harvest time is much efficient
  • Mainlining is easier than other training methods. It ensures less training time and lessens the chances of getting injured while handling the plant
  • It allows for good air circulation. By having good airflow in the plant, a certain number of risks such as developing mold and mildew, rotting plant, bacteria growth, and insect infestation is avoided.
  • Your crop will dry evenly. Given that the buds are of the same size and shape, they will also get the same moisture content and can be given less attention.

Disadvantages of Mainlining your Cannabis Plants

There a few known disadvantages of mainlining cannabis plants but nonetheless, they should be given focus and attention to make sure that the plant is well taken care of.

  • Overall growth period might be longer by 10 days – 2 weeks

During the early stages of vegetation, your cannabis plant needs to recover from the toppings that happened. They need to gain back their volume and growth speed. This recovery period will lengthen the whole process by 2 weeks.

  • You might need to use a different lighting system

Lights with low watts can’t penetrate the long buds that are produced via mainlining autoflower plants. If the cannabis plant is not getting sufficient light, this will affect the quality of buds they will produce.  A minimum of 150 watts or an MH lamp or an equivalent LED light can be used to make sure you get a satisfying yield result. And at least 75cm height from growing surface to a light source for an 8 cola mainline. Always check the capacity of your indoor garden if it meets the space requirements.

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