Size of Marijuana Seeds Before Growing – Does it Matter?

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The marijuana seeds for sale these days do vary in size. Some of them are small while others are big. In the eyes of a curious novice grower, the size of his marijuana seeds might be a big deal. 

Should you worry if the cannabis seeds you purchased are small? Will they grow into healthy, tall, and productive plants despite that? Please read on to know more about this. 

Is the Size of Cannabis Seeds Important?

Cannabis seeds from one bud really vary in size. There are two reasons behind this. The first one is genetics. Genetics plays a role in the size of cannabis seeds. For example, some of the wild Kush seeds are so small while the hemp seeds can be bigger. 

The other reason has something to do with environmental factors. Those cannabis buds pollinated sparingly often produce bigger seeds compared to the extensively pollinated buds. It is mainly because the sparingly pollinated cannabis seeds do not need to hardly compete for the nutrients. 

Some marijuana seeds of a specific bud might have experienced a much better environment compared to others. Therefore, the size of cannabis seeds does not have a strong connection to the plant size. You don’t worry if you got small seeds. 

Despite their size, these cannabis seeds can grow into tall plants with proper care. What really matters is their quality. 

Identifying the Quality of Marijuana Seeds for Sale

The NC State Extension Publications said seeds are complex alive organisms. Marijuana seeds are where cannabis life starts. However, not every cannabis seed sold in the market Is good. Thus, you should learn how to spot the good cannabis seeds from the bad ones. 

In growing amazing marijuana plants, you must start with the correct fundamentals. What you need to have a bountiful yield is to plant high-quality cannabis seeds today. Also, you must give what they need to encourage them to grow as dynamic and vigorous cannabis plants.

You need to know the correct way of differentiating the seeds from one another. This way, it will be easier for you to distinguish those cannabis seeds in good quality over the ones of the opposite side. It will even save you time and money. 

For every small cannabis seed, you need to consider the different features and aspects which include the shape, size, gender, strain, and origin. To help you recognize good cannabis seeds from the bad ones in the easiest way, we will be giving you a few details that can help you a lot in this matter.

The Good Cannabis Seeds

How will you know which seeds are good? Well, good cannabis seeds look healthy. Also, to find out there whether your cannabis seeds are good or bad, you also need to know the color, size, and shape of the good ones. However, these features do not always guarantee successful sprouting. 

Healthy cannabis seeds are often brown, grey, or black in colors. They also have darker lines and spots which don’t have a specific pattern. The seeds’ coat is waxy and will reflect light when exposed to it. Also, healthy marijuana seeds may be bigger than the usual, but there is no guarantee in successful sprouting. 

The Bad Seed

On the other hand, bad cannabis seeds are either white or green in color. Whether they are white or green, their color means they are not fully mature. It’s true especially if they have cracks or dents. The color of marijuana seeds for sale will instantly tell you about their quality. 

There are some ways to test cannabis seeds that will determine their quality. First, you must keep them exposed to sunlight to see if they have a waxy sheen on their surface. Try crushing the seeds using your thumbs. The high-quality cannabis buds are unbreakable. 

Another method that you can use here is the so-called floating method. It’s when you put the marijuana seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. When the seeds float, that means they’re not of good quality. The ones which sink to the base of the glass are of better quality. 

The floating method is more effective and accurate if you use it before germinating the cannabis seeds. If not, the moisture will just damage the seeds. You can also germinate the cannabis seeds in this glass of water. However, they must come out of the water before the next day. It should happen in less than 24 hours. 

When you take them out of the water, put them in the grow container or wet paper towel. If the process lasts for more than 24 hours, the cannabis seeds will absorb the water that leads them to death because of excessive moisture.


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The size of cannabis seeds should not be a big deal. Though the size is one of the factors that determine the quality of cannabis, still there is no guarantee that only the big seeds will thrive.

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