Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds: Myths and Facts

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There are many ways to improve your cannabis plants’ health, boost yields and keep your plants away from molds and pests. But if you want plants that will flower without the need to use special lighting and plants that will give you more yields, then you must use best feminized autoflower feminized varieties.  

Leafly says that autoflowering cannabis is the ideal plant for people who want more yields. An auto cannabis seed will automatically flower in just 7 to 9 days without the need to change its lighting schedule. You don’t need to place it under 12/12 day/night schedule just to bloom. Auto plants will flower according to the plants’ internal clock and this is no matter what kind of environment the plant is in.  

Think of autoflowering feminized seeds as a blessing for people who want more yields. It is a good idea for people who don’t want to do anything about lighting schedules. Auto plants will help you ease growing photoperiod strains which needs a special schedule to grow buds.  

Myths and facts about autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds 

To completely understand what auto feminized cannabis seeds are, you need to weed the myths from the facts. Here are the most common myths that growers usually worry about when it comes to growing autoflowering cannabis: 

1. Autoflowering feminized cannabis plants will only give you small yields 

There is a long-term debate as to the amount of yield that autoflowering cannabis can give. Some growers say that auto fem seeds will grow plants that will have very little yields because of the size of the plants. This may be true but nowadays, there is more to what the size of auto feminized cannabis plants. There are now techniques that can enhance the growth of cannabis plants. Techniques such as low-stress techniques can train plants to grow more yields. By using topping and fimming techniques, you can multiply the number of colas in a plant. And because these are low-stress cannabis, you can bet that your plants will remain healthy and will adapt to these techniques well.  

Those that have used different techniques to improve yields agree that their auto plants were able to develop improved yields after using these special techniques.

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2. Feminized auto cannabis plants cannot grow from clones 

Autoflowering feminized plants are known to grow only from seeds. Unlike other cannabis plants that will grow from clones, some growers say that it is impossible to use clones to grow this kind of plant. But there are growers who disagree.  

Yes, you can grow an autoflowering strain using clones from an auto plant but there is one problem. The clone will grow but may lack the ability to grow and develop flowers. The plant may remain in the growing or vegetative phase. Yes, the clone will grow but will not pass on the autoflowering trait.

3. Feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds will only grow indoors 

There are rumors that say that best feminized autoflower cannabis will not grow outdoors and that these will only be able to thrive indoors. This is totally a myth considering that there are some successful growers that were able to grow feminized autoflowering cannabis outdoors. 

The key to growing this type of cannabis successfully is to consider the climate of the area where you are located. This should match the climate that the strain you want to grow needs.  

And even if auto fem cannabis is grown in the least favorable growing condition, you can expect this to grow indoors or outdoors.
The main reason that most autoflowering cannabis growers cultivate their plants indoors is to take care of their plants closely. They apply strong continuous lighting to improve plant health and improve yields. They may also train autos which could be very difficult to do outdoors. There is definitely no doubt that autoflowering cannabis plants will survive.

4. Auto fem cannabis seeds will only grow very small plants 

Auto feminized cannabis seeds are thought to grow very small plants. This is of course just a myth. There are different strains of cannabis seeds and some of these are sativa-dominant seeds that will grow tall plants between 8 to 12 feet. But combined with a ruderalis strain, the sativa lineage becomes a bit suppressed but still, sativa dominant cannabis will grow taller, larger and with more yields. This strain of auto fem cannabis seeds will still grow moderately-large plants that will trump smaller-sized indica plants.                                                                                                                                                

5. Auto fem cannabis plants will grow very fragile plants 

There is definitely no truth to this myth. Yes, some best feminized autoflower plants are small and could give fewer yields but with special training, you can grow cannabis plants that will give more yields and will be stronger and more efficient. You will have healthy mold and pest resistant plants which are perfect for first-time growers as well as seasoned growers.

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The following are facts about autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds 

Now that you have read the myths about autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds, here are facts that you should know about this kind of seeds. These facts will help you care for your plants better and to be able to find the ideal technique to use to get more yields. 

1. Auto fem cannabis seeds will flower in just 7 to 9 weeks 

Auto feminized cannabis seeds will grow into plants that will flower in just 7 to 9 weeks. Autos are programmed to grow flowers early. It is not looking for light changes as it starts to grow flowers. It bases its flowering time according to a certain schedule despite any kind of lighting. But this is not to say that autos don’t need the best lighting during the flowering time. Breeders recommend placing your plants under high-intensity lighting for 24/0 or 20/4 day/night schedule. Choose a good lamp like LED lamps to provide good coverage. LED lamps offer strong but energy efficient lighting. LED bulbs last for a long time too so you won’t have to replace your bulbs for several more years.  

2. Auto fem marijuana seeds will let you grow crops twice a year 

Auto fem marijuana seeds will give you a chance to harvest multiple times a year. You can grow the first batch and harvest after 8 weeks and then grow another batch after you harvest. There are growers who report that they have harvested thrice in a year without compensating on the health of the plant and the amount of yield.  

Grow autoflowering feminized cannabis in batches and watch how much yield you can get in a year. Some growers use a guerilla-style of growing to get more yields. You can start by growing a dozen autos under strong lighting and then when your plants are healthy and strong. 

3. Auto feminized cannabis seeds will grow only female plants 

Auto feminized cannabis seeds are programmed not just to grow fast with its quick lifespan but it will also grow all female plants. In fact, almost all best feminized autoflower seeds are feminized. You don’t need to remove male plants from your garden anymore. You don’t have to spend money, time and effort just to grow plants that you will eventually discard assuming that these will become males. And because of this, you will be able to save money on materials and equipment that you will use to grow unnecessary plants.  

4. Auto feminized cannabis seeds may be grown outdoors 

No doubt that auto fem plants can be grown outdoors. You don’t need to construct an indoor growing area or to use a grow box or grow cabinet to cultivate your best feminized autoflower seeds. However, some growers recommend that you grow a strain that requires a climate that is very similar to yours if you plan to grow plants outdoors.  

Consider the type of strain, the growing environment that the strain needs, the plant height and the growing difficulty of your plants according to your skill level. A lot of strains can grow well in the warm and sunny environment but a few can grow in cold and freezing temperatures.  

Also, make sure that the soil you use is perfect for growing cannabis. Best feminized autoflower seeds need a special kind of soil called sandy-clayey soil. This type of soil will absorb water and nutrients better but will also drain excess water and nutrients at the same time. Sandy clayey soil has adequate aeration, therefore, it allows oxygen to move to the roots. The roots will become healthier and stronger which is a plus for plants. You can improve nutrient and water uptake when you improve root health.  

5. Auto fem marijuana seeds can be trained to grow more yields 

Feminized auto seeds can be trained to grow better yields. You can use some efficient techniques like topping and pruning or you can use the sea of green method. The SOG is simply using screens made of string which keeps the plants from growing through that blocks light. With the SOG, all your plants will receive enough lighting and this can help boost yields and improve plant health.  

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