Marijuana Strains Good For Depression Disorder

best marijuana strains for depression

The consumer market has been growing at a promising pace due to the rising consumption by individuals of cannabis products. Studies indicate that it can help to treat different illnesses, one of which is depression. The use of weed is growing rapidly worldwide to relieve depressive symptoms as it is a safe alternative to synthetic medicines that could have adverse side effects. Marijuana creates an increased sense of responsibility and inspiration for many people, which helps counter low-mood emotions. It can encourage friends’ interactions and draw interest in passions and hobbies. But does cannabis really cure depression. Find out what’s the best marijuana strains for depression.

Before that, we should know first what depression is; what are the symptoms of depression; And how common it is for everyone. In this article you will get to know more about the most common mental illness nowadays which is depression. We’ll get to know if marijuana strains are really ideal or normal to use it as treatment for depression. Also, what are the effects of marijuana strains that it can give to those  who are suffering from depression.

What is Depression?

For the most part, depression is much more than simply feeling sad or lonely, as most individuals certainly view depression as being, which is very important for all manner of reasons. In fact, depression is mostly a form of common but also very serious disorder that affects the everyday lives of all those who actually suffer from this condition in general. 

Depression is a common and severe psychological disorder that has a negative impact on how you feel, how you think and how you behave. It is also, thankfully, treatable but requires long-term treatment . Depression triggers feelings of loss in things you once loved and/or a lack of interest. It can contribute to a number of physical and emotional issues and can reduce your capacity to work at school and at home. Sometimes some people suffering from this illness think that life is not worth living anymore because of how they feel. 

Symptoms of depression can range from mild to severe and can include: 

  • A feeling of sadness or a depressed mood. 
  • Gradual decline or satisfaction in things once enjoyed. 
  • Appetite changes: losing weight or gain contrary to dieting. 
  • Sleeping issues, or sleeping too much. 
  • Energy loss or tiredness.
  • Feeling useless or worthless 
  • Difficulty thinking, focusing or making choices 
  • Death or suicide thoughts 

Is Cannabis Strain Good for Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that is complex and multi-dimensional. In a different manner and to a varying extent, it affects each individual. Likewise, marijuana is a dynamic plant with a variety of effects which are felt by various people to various extents. It is these nuances that have found it challenging for researchers to decode the marijuana-depression relationship.

Some study suggests that only a small puff of marijuana can momentarily relieve depressive symptoms, and to validate these findings, there is indeed a significant amount of empirical evidence from marijuana users. Other reports, however, say that lengthy use can worsen depression and contribute down the track to several other mental health conditions. When determining if marijuana is a healthy choice for you, these results should be a significant factor. To examine how cannabis can interfere with your present condition, drugs, and treatments, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional.

Sativa or Indica for Depression?

Cannabis and weed dispensaries have traditionally classified strains into three different groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid. As a consequence, certain common categories are used by most users as a guide for predicting the outcome.

  • Indica strains are referred to as “depressants” and have been shown to have relaxing, full-body effects, involving relaxation of muscles and physical sedation. 
  • Sativa strains are referred to as “uppers” and are believed to create an exhilarating cerebral high with uplifting effects such as increased concentration, enthusiasm, and creativity.
  • Hybrids are shown to range at between them, providing a combination of both indica and sativa effects.

Although the above categories are helpful, particularly for all those who are foreign to cannabis, there is no evidence to substantiate these broad recommendations. Scientists closely studied the chemical composition of the Indica and Sativa strains and reported no distinguishable trends to clarify why one would have been intrinsically sedative and the other generally uplifting. What that really means is that not all sativas will invigorate you, and that not all indicas will subdue you. The only option to reliably predict the impact of any strain is to know its exact chemical composition, but even this has drawbacks.

THC and CBD for Depression

Talking to a licensed medical marijuana practitioner is the easiest way to select a strain for depression. It may also, however, help in understanding the substances that constitute each strain, which include cannabinoids and terpenes. 

CBD and THC are the two best known compounds in cannabis, though these are only two of over 100 distinct cannabinoids. Cannabinoids communicate in the human body with receptors and are responsible for the consequences of any given strain. The THC is responsible for generating the ecstatic “high” typically associated with cannabis. Most people who smoke weed to relieve their depression appear to favor high THC strains, as this cannabinoid triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine. It is important to consider, nevertheless, that intense use can disrupt the neurotransmitters. This suggests that the development of dopamine will decrease, possibly alleviating severe mood swings and problems with mental wellbeing.

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound which does not induce an ecstatic “high” as per current studies, but rather provides a neuroprotective factor. As a possible therapy for a number of mental health conditions, such anxiety, depression, and psychosis, it is currently being investigated. Clinical trials experiments using animal models suggest that the effects of CBD are similar to antidepressants. 

Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

Although the question is still out as to if cannabis is a good lengthy treatment for depression, there are several synthetic cannabis strains that are ideally suited to relieving depression symptoms.

  • Cinex

Cinex is the ideal strain for fostering positive thoughts and enriching a creative mind, with an uplifting citrus fragrance and a fruity sweetness kick. It is better taken at the onset of the day when it is possible to completely absorb the improved sense of motivation and concentration, however individuals with a propensity to anxiety should be mindful that Cinex comprises up to 25 percent THC.

Cinex is abundant in limonene, also present in oranges and lemon rind, a zesty terpene that is assumed to improve mood as well as provide relief from stress. Limonene is now gaining interest, as evidence indicates that, like antipsychotic medications, it gradually raises the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Another marijuana strain high in limonene, but with a significantly lower THC content ranging between 15 and 20 percent, is Lemon Haze.

  • Granddaddy Purple

An iconic THC-dominant strain, Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, has been soothing minds and enhancing appetites across California since 2003. This very well favorite, originated from Purple Urkle and Big Bud, has both a pleasant berry fragrance and flowers that develop in deep dark shades of purple.

Granddaddy Purple is a great late night snack with up to 23% THC and a huge dose of myrcene to relax. It is almost instantly sensed by tangible physical and mental effects, providing a deeply relaxing feeling with a corresponding full-body relief that comforts the body and mind into a good sleep. Users will gain from this therapeutic treatment if your depressive symptoms are linked to severe pain or exhaustion.

  • Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a popular strain with the scent of fresh cut wood and strong pine. An enthusiastic cerebral rush has been said to offer, that makes consumers feeling satisfied, uplifted and prepared for the day ahead.

Although the precise origins are kept confidential, Jack Herer is a mixture of two high in THC strains which is Northern Lights No.5 and Shiva Skunk. Per the laboratory tests performed by Analytical 360, the Jack Herer cannabis strains appear to contain between 15 and 24 percent THC. 

  • Harlequin

Harlequin is a CBD-dominant strain that is widely desired after because of its therapeutic benefits, especially depression, stress and anxiety, with a typical THC to CBD ratio of 2:5. Harlequin expected to hold between 4-10 percent THC and 6-15 percent CBD, based on lab tests by Analytics 360. This strain offers a sense of pleasure and relationship without any of the psychoactive elevation caused by THC because of this large concentration of CBD. If you feel anxious, and are dealing with depression, aiming for a CBD-dominant, like Harlequin, can improve your head without any of the risk of hallucinations.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has rapidly become one of the best depression strains and is another ideal buy for people who are susceptible to anxiety caused by THC. Charlotte’s web is used by many people to get relief from several other painful symptoms that vary from migraine to depressive episodes. It contains between 15 and 20 percent CBD and a marginal amount of THC (0.3 percent). The reason why Charlotte’s web is a famous medicinal strain of cannabis because it has no psychoactive effects and is really ideal for those suffering from the said illness. 

Final Thoughts

It is a process of experimentation to find the best strain for your depression. Depression is a complex disorder and a complex drug is marijuana. You might have to try a few different best marijuana strains for depression for that purpose, but before you obtain the suitable combination. We recommend consulting your professional doctor first before choosing the right one for you.

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