Auto Berry Feminized

Information – Auto Berry

Genetics70 % indica, 10 % Sativa and 20 %ruderalis
Climateindoors and outdoors
Yield100 grams to 150 grams
Height40 cm to 60 cm
Flowering Time5 weeks to 7 weeks
Effectrelaxes the body with immediate high
THC Level17 %


The feminized auto-flowering Berry marijuana is not a pure-bred strain because it is a mixture of three genetics. The feminized weed has a percentage of seventy for indica genes, twenty for ruderalis genetics, and 10 for Sativa. The autoflowering feminized berry can grow both indoors and outdoors with a possible yield of one hundred grams when grown outdoors and a hundred and fifty grams when planted indoors. Auto flowering feminized berry has a short flowering time that spans five weeks to seven weeks and can grow as high as forty centimeters when planted indoors and sixty centimeters when planted outdoors. Medical marijuana users and growers enjoy the auto flowering feminized weed because of its THC level of seventeen percent with an easy level of growth. The major effect of smoking this weed is the relaxation of the body with an immediate kick of marijuana high.

Auto flowering Berry feminized is dominated by the genetics of indica strain. It has short and squat height with leaves that are thick and leathery. Towards the end of the flowering phase of the marijuana, the Berry feminized auto flowering can have a bluish hue, particularly in a cooler climate. This feminized sweet has a berry scent because of its Blueberry parent. When smoked, it tastes fruity and berry-like.

The feminized auto flowering Berry can grow indoors and outdoors making it a versatile plant. A smooth reminder for indoor growers. Despite the fact that this is an easy to grow marijuana, indoor growers must watch out to the light and ventilation needs of the auto flowering feminized weed. Light is vital to the growth of the auto flowering feminized weed because the light serves as an agent for the food production of Berry marijuana. The light is transformed into energy by the leaves through photosynthesis to provide food for the entire Berry marijuana. Also, ventilation is a big issue here because you are growing the Berry in a contained space. Make sure that the ventilation for the incoming air is different from the ventilation of the outgoing air so that the air will not mix with the other air.