Big Bud Feminized

Information about Big Bud Feminized Weed

Genetics70 % indica and 30 % Sativa
ClimateSunny and Mediterranean
Yield600 grams to 800 grams
Height50 cm to 80 cm
Flowering Time9 weeks
Effectstrong body buzz and long-lasting effect
THC Level15%


The Big Bud Feminized weed is a marijuana strain that grows in a sunny, tropical, and Mediterranean atmosphere. The feminized weed is not a pure breed since it is a mixture between the indica strain and Sativa strain with a  percentage of seventy and thirty respectively. Feminized Big Bud marijuana is generous when it comes to giving buds since it can give you six hundred grams of buds when the marijuana is planted outdoors and eight hundred grams of buds for Big Bud planted indoors. The marijuana growers enjoy this breed because it has a short flowering waiting time that spans up to only nine weeks while giving a THC level of fifteen percent and making the smokers experience a strong body buzz with long-lasting effects.

The feminized Big Bud marijuana gained its popularity when it won the Cannabis Cup of 1989. The Big Bud feminized produce a weed with a higher number of buds as opposed to its leaves. Big Buds grow with a big and heavy cola that is covered with sticky crystals and with wide growing leaves. Despite its heavy production of buds, growers must be mindful of this certain characteristic of the feminized Big Bud. There were instances when the stems and branches of marijuana suddenly break because it can no longer support the weight of the buds growing. When the breaking of the stems and branches happen, there is a tendency that your Big Bud will die since there will be no medium to transport the nutrients of the soil to the leaves and buds. The immediate action that you can do to save your marijuana is to make it have a support branch with sturdy sticks or you can start early harvesting to lessen the weight carried by the branch.

Another issue that needed to be addressed is that the Big Bud feminized grows in summer and tropical atmosphere. The feminized marijuana can be grown indoors and outdoors provided that the manipulated atmosphere can produce a summer-like ambiance. For indoor growers, to manipulate the summer atmosphere, you can play along with the combination of blue bulb and yellow bulb lighting system to your indoor space.