Dark Angel Feminized

Information about Dark Angel Weed

Genetics50% indica, 50% Sativa
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield350 grams to 550 grams
Height60 cm to 80 cm
Flowering Time8 weeks
Effectfull body stone
THC Level18% to 20%


The feminized Dark Angel Weed strain is not a pure breed strain because it is a mixture between indica and Sativa wherein fifty percent of its genetics is from indica and the other half is from Sativa making this feminized breed balance the traits and the effects of smoking a pure indica and Sativa breed. Dark Angel feminized can grow indoors and outdoors, making it place an easy level in terms of growing difficulty. Dark Angel feminized creates buds with a range between three-hundred fifty grams when planted outdoors to five hundred fifty grams when planted indoors. The growth of this feminized weed is between sixty centimeters when planted indoors and eighty centimeters when planted outdoors. The Dark Angel feminized strain champions the preference of smokers and growers because of its high THC level that plays between eighteen to twenty percent making its users experience a full-body stone.

The most efficient growing technique for this specific feminized strain is the indoor method because it produces five hundred fifty grams of buds when planted indoors. This method produces more buds compared to the outdoor technique because the feminized marijuana grower has control over the growth of the feminized Dark Angel involving light and water received. For those who are saving money, the outdoor method of growing can be applied to the Dark Angel feminized strain. The drawback is that the feminized marijuana will grow taller making it occupy more outdoor space and produce fewer buds. The production of lesser buds is due to the environment where the feminized dark angel grows. The marijuana grower has no control over the surrounding where his feminized weed grows. To increase yield, the grower can use the greenhouse method of growing wherein the weed is outside but regulated by the greenhouse.

Dark Angel weed feminized strain has a relatively high THC content provided the fact that fifty percent of its genetics is from indica and Sativa respectively. The THC content of this feminized strain can help people who suffer from losing appetite, arthritis, and those who lose concentration. The feminized Dark Angel has high medical benefits because of its balance between THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol.