Dutch Treat Autoflowering Feminized

INFORMATION – Dutch Treat Autoflowering Feminized

GeneticsMostly Indica
Yield¼- ½ lb
Height4-5 ft
Flowering Time6-8 weeks
Effectlong-lasting effect
THC Levelup to 18%
GrowingEasy to Moderate


The Dutch Treat Autoflowering Feminized cannabis strain is rated Grade A and is a very popular strain in Holland. This particular strain is Indica dominant which can be a great choice for people who want to release their stress and relieve pain. The exact genetics of the strain is still shrouded in mystery but some experts believe that the strain contains 80% Indica and it was supposed to be originally crafted by Jordan of the Islands Breeders. Still, the strain has been proven to be one of the world’s potent strains which makes it a great choice for cannabis lovers.

Effects, appearance, and growth

The effects of the Dutch Treat Autoflowering Feminized strain can be described as very powerful and strong. This is not the type of cannabis strain that is recommended for novice smokers and should be taken in regulated doses especially to those who are just starting out. However, this cannabis strain is well known to produce mood uplifting effects and as well as cause a mild body high. This can also be a great strain for people who want to relax and take their mind off from stress.

The plant has light green, dense and golden trichomes that cover the bud. It also has orange hairs and the scent of the plant is piny and sweet. The general taste of this cannabis strain can be compared to a sweet candy which makes it a great choice especially to people who do not want the strong aftertaste of other strains or breeds.

Growing the Dutch Treat strain does not require advanced growing skills or techniques. The plant can grow relatively fast and can even produce a good amount of yield. The strain can be grown best indoors which can take up to 9 weeks. However, the plant can still be cultivated outdoors but just make sure to install a net for coverage and protection.

Medical Marijuana

The Dutch Treat Autoflowering Feminized strain is best for providing relief to patients with anxiety and depression problems. This can also be used to treat patients who have anorexia nervosa or loss of appetite problems. Another medical usage for this particular cannabis strain is to provide a solution to patients who are suffering from insomnia.

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