Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflowering Feminized

Information – Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflowering Feminized

Genetics70 % indica, 20 %sativa, 10 % ruderalis
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield50 grams to 70 grams
Height50 cm to 60 cm
Flowering Time6 weeks
Effectnatural high
THC Level10 % to 11 %


The Dwarf Low Flyer autoflowering feminized is not a pure breed strain because it is a mixture between seventy percent indica, twenty percent Sativa, and ten percent ruderalis. The autoflowering feminized weed growing is easy in terms of difficulty and has a short flowering waiting time that spans up to six weeks. The Dwarf Low Flyer can grow indoors and outdoors with an average height that grows between fifty centimeters when planted outdoors and sixty centimeters when planted indoors. The weed also produces a small yield that plays between fifty grams when planted outdoors and seventy grams when planted indoors. Marijuana smokers receive a small THC amount that is between ten to eleven percent yet make smokers experience and immediate natural high.

The feminized autoflowering Dwarf Low Flyer is a good weed to grow for marijuana growers who are amateur because it is easy to grow the type of weed. Also, growing this weed is economical for growers since it has a short flowering waiting time. Lastly, Dwarf Low Flyer with autoflowering and feminized characteristics are good for amateur growers because the weeds grow relatively low in terms of height and produce a THC with a low level.

For first time growers, it would be best if you do not invest much in a spacious growing area because the feminized autoflowering Dwarf Low Flyer grows relatively low. The best thing that you can do is to improve your yields by manipulating the growth and produce of your Dwarf Low Flyer. One of the efficient things that you can do to improve its growth is through the use of SCROG or screen of a green system wherein there is a screen suspended above the leaves or stalk of the weed and it will produce more stems and buds from a single stem. If you are a newbie for the screen of green method, another hack that you can do is the hydroponics wherein the roots of your feminized autoflowering Dwarf Low Flyer is submerged in water with nutrients. The hydroponics is an efficient method in increasing bud yield because the roots use the water as a vehicle to transport nutrients and not the soil.