Early Girl Feminized

INFORMATION – Early Girl Seeds Feminized

GeneticsMostly Indica
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
EffectAll around buzz
THC Level10%


The Early Girl Feminized strain is Indica dominant and is considered as one of the best cannabis strains for novice growers and smokers. The Easy Girl strain is considered as one of the earliest kinds of marijuana seeds that are grown outdoors. This particular strain is very potent so it should be taken in regular doses especially for novice smokers. This cannabis strain is considered as very good medical marijuana because of its exceptional medical values.

Effects, appearance, and growth of Early Girl Seeds Feminized

The Early Girl Feminized strain is known to produce a good kind of buzz wherein users can experience an uplifting high and as well as giggling fits. The unique combination of Indica and Sativa properties of the Early Girl Feminized can produce a good cerebral high and a little bit of stoned physical high that is just the right combination for both novice and long time smokers.

The Early Girl Feminized plant is of medium height and has dark green leaves that are semi-wide and can become stocky when it is fully matured. The branches are quite strong and can easily carry their compact buds. The plant can even grow to a maximum of 2 meters especially when it is properly taken care of. The plant is unique in itself since the buds are known to grow in just one stalk or branch. The smoke of this strain is quite mellow but has a slight skunky flavor.

The flowering time of this cannabis strain can take up to 9 weeks. The Early Girl Feminized strain is the best kind of strain for novice growers since the task does not involve advanced growing practices or techniques. However, the plant can surely reach its full potential if grown outdoors since it can receive direct sunlight. The Early Girl strain is considered as one of the easiest kinds of cannabis to grow but the plant can reach more of its potential especially when it is given extra attention and plenty of direct sunlight.

Medical Marijuana

The early girl seeds feminized cannabis strain is best in treating migraine, anxiety attacks, and as well as Crohn’s Disease. This particular cannabis strain can also be best for relieving pain and stress because of its relaxing and calming effects. The Early Girl Feminized strain can also be used to treat patients who suffer from insomnia and depression and as well as muscle spasms.

This early girl seeds feminized cannabis strain is pretty popular and anyone can easily order them especially from legitimate and reputable seedbanks or dispensaries.