Early Miss Autoflowering Feminized

Information – Early Miss Autoflowering Feminized

Genetics60 % indica, 30 % Sativa and 10 %ruderalis
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield100 grams to 200 grams
Height3 feet to 4 feet
Flowering Time7 weeks
THC Level20 %
Growingeasy to moderate


The feminized autoflowering Early Miss is a mixture between sixty percent indica, thirty percent Sativa, and ten percent ruderalis. The Early Miss can grow indoors and outdoors and versatile because it can grow at any time of the year provided that the lowest temperature of the atmosphere is not lower than ten degrees celsius. The feminized autoflowering Early Miss grows the little amount of yield that plays between one hundred grams and two hundred grams when planted outdoors and indoors respectively. Despite the lower yield compared to other autoflowering feminized seeds, Early Miss championed the hearts of the growers because it has only a short time of flowering waiting. Second, despite the small yield, the Early Miss autoflowering strain has a THC level that has a percentage of twenty. Lastly, the growing difficulty for this strain plays between easy and moderate.

The Early Miss autoflowering feminized is not a pure breed since it is a mixture between the genetics of Big Bud X and White Widow making the Early Miss have a high THC level. This Early Miss strain has a short flowering time of seven weeks because it is autoflowering and has a high THC level because it is feminized.

For indoor growers who have limited space and who are not happy with the amount of the yields they gather, they tend to use manipulative techniques to have more abundant buds. One of the techniques they use is the SCROG method or screen of the green method where there is a wire mesh suspended above the growing Early Miss autoflowering weed. The screen of green works by manipulating the stems of the Early miss to produce other branches from a single branch. Another technique that the indoor growers can employ is the use of hydroponics wherein the roots of a feminized autoflowering Early Miss is subdued with water in nutrients mixture. Growers who practice the hydroponics method of planting produce more buds because it is through the water where the marijuana roots get the nutrients. In a soil-based planting, the roots use water as the medium to get nutrients from the soil. In hydroponics, since the nutrients are more consecrated, Early Miss will produce more yield.