Great White Feminized

INFORMATION – Great White Feminized

GeneticsMostly Sativa
Flowering Time52-68 days
Effectuplifting/ body stone
THC Level20%


The original Great White strain is also known as the Peacemaker and it was created by combining South Indian, Super Skunk, and Brazilian strains. It is a typical Sativa plant but has indica properties in its physical features. This is a very potent strain that can produce great effects to the users. This particular cannabis strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997. This is a strain that has gained a lot of attention because of its wonderful effects.

Effects, appearance, and growth

This strain provides a long-lasting uplifting effect because of its potent properties. It produces a strong body buzz and novice smokers should take it in moderation to avoid any serious complications. One of the best qualities of the Great White Feminized is that although it can produce a very headstrong effect, it does not leave the user any nasty after-effects such as headache or even mild pain. This particular cannabis strain is best known for its daze and dozes effect which makes it a good medical resource.

The plant has typical Indica physical features such as fat and serrated leaves. It also has dense and chunky colas. The buds are surrounded with orange hairs but can change to brown once the plant reaches its maturity level. The plant also has an abundant covering of THC crystals which gives it a semi-white tint. The smell of the plant can be described as earthy and yet sweet. It also has a nice combination of poppy and wildflowers. The Great White Feminized strain gives off a very clean and smooth taste but has a mild hint of chlorine on the finish.

Growing this particular strain requires little effort, unlike other cannabis strains. The flowering time can take up to 68 days and the plant can produce a good amount of yield especially when the plant is given the proper attention and care. The plant is considered as fast blooming which makes it a great choice for novice and professional breeders.

Medical Marijuana

The Great White Feminized strain is a great medical alternative that can be used to treat PTSD, Migraine, Asthma, Anxiety, and even Arthritis. This can also be a good strain to treat depression and alleviate pain and stress.

This strain is considered one of the best strains in the cannabis world which makes it a very good buy. Get your own pack now from your local or online marijuana seed bank and dispensary. Make sure to buy only from reputable stores so you will get the best deal.