Great White Shark Feminized

Information – Great White Shark Feminized

Genetics80 % indica and 20 % Sativa
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield800 grams to 1000 grams
Height3 feet to 4 feet
Flowering Time9 weeks
Effectstrong body buzz and long-lasting effect
THC Level15 % to 20 %


Great White Shark feminized is not a pure breed since it is a crossbreed between Super Skunk strain, Brazilian and South Indian. This feminized marijuana is dominated by Indica genetics with eighty percent and twenty percent Sativa. Great White Shark is flexible because its growing difficulty is easy and it can be grown indoors and outdoors. Despite a longer waiting time for its flowering that spans up to nine weeks, the feminized Great White Shark championed the hearts of growers because of its abundance when it comes to yield. When planted Indoors, Great White Shark feminized can give you a kilo of buds and when planted outdoors, the feminized weed can give you eight hundred grams of buds. Also, another reason why the Great White Shark is a favorite among growers is because of its high THC level that plays between fifteen to twenty percent. Smokers who light the buds of the feminized Great White Shark can experience immediate strong body buzz with long-lasting effects.

The feminized Great White Shark gain its popularity when it championed the BIO HTCC in 1997. The feminized marijuana features a short and bushy appearance and at the of its flowering period, this strain produces thick frostings of shiny trichomes. Also, feminized weed has a strong scent and taste because of its Skunk genetics.

Marijuana growers are really fond of the feminized Great White Shark strain because they do not have to manipulate its growth with SCROG or screen of green method and hydroponic technique to increase the marijuana’s yield because the Great White Shark is generous when it comes to bud production. Also, this strain is not a major headache in the grower’s space because its height plays between three feet when planted indoors and four feet when planted outdoors. The only drawback that growers experience in having this feminized weed is that it expels unwanted smell because of its Skunk strain genetics. The best action to do to address this issue is to have proper ventilation. Outdoor growers do not have much problem regarding ventilation, but for indoor growers, make sure that there is proper circulation inside the room.