Haze Feminized

INFORMATION – Haze Feminized

GeneticsMostly Sativa
Height250 cm
Flowering Time10-14weeks
EffectSturdy Effect
THC Level22%
GrowingLight Moderate


Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds are mostly pure Sativa from Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, and Jamaica. This strain is award-winning strains that are a combination of light skunk and original Sativa. This strain is rated as Grade A.

Effects, appearance, growth

Haze Feminized has sturdy effects to its users. Usually, users experience a soaring couple with visual effects. Haze Feminized Marijuana small buds are covered with shiny crystals and orange hairs. The side branches of this strain are stick out at different angles and have along with green leaves. When it comes to the taste, this strain has a mist flavor. This strain has an intense sharp fruity taste with a hint of citrus flavor. As it goes to your mouth, you‘ll experience its earthy taste with a mixture of black pepper and musk. Haze Feminized Marijuana usually grows in a warm climate. This strain needs enough heat from the sun and a good supply of water for survival. This strain yields to 450 grams per square meter. The flowering time of this strain is about 10 to 14 weeks. This strain is mostly pure Sativa that grows very tall with a height of two hundred fifty centimeters.

Medicinal Uses

This strain has different medical uses. The twenty-two percent levels of THC present in this strain can aid different health problems. This strain can reduce muscular and body pains. This strain is the best recommended for people who are experiencing sleep disorders like insomnia. It also used to help people who have anxiety and poor appetite. This strain improves and boosts metabolism. This strain gives relation and stress-free feeling to its users.

Purchase Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds are available in different online websites store. If you want to buy or purchase this strain, you can simply search its name online. You will see several results regarding online stores which are offering great prices of Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds. You will find some online stores which offer big discounts and great promos. There are websites requiring fifty percent or half down payment before processing your orders. Just make sure you are dealing with the legit sellers. Always ensure your safety and money before purchasing. You can check and reviews the legalities of the online stores before buying.