Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized

INFORMATION – Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized

GeneticsMostly Sativa
Flowering Time9-11weeks
Effectcerebral high
THC Level15-20%


The Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized strain is considered as a very unique multiple strains. The strain was created by combining Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk varieties. The result of the combination created a very potent hybrid that produces a very distinct uplifting buzz. This very strong strain is Sativa dominant and can grow really tall. The strain can be grown on both indoor and outdoor setup but can produce a higher quality of yield when grown indoors.

Effects, appearance, and growth

The Jock Horror strain came from very strong parents which make this cannabis strain a great ball of fire. It has a high level of THC which can even go up to 20%. The strain produces a very cerebral high and as well as a very noticeable uplifting sensation. This is the type of cannabis strain that should be taken seriously because of its very strong effects. Novice smokers should take it in regulated doses or puffs.

The plant can be similar to a pine tree with its medium-thin leaves and dense buds. This particular strain may be Sativa dominant but its physical properties are more on the Indica side. The buds of the Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized strain are often completely covered with resin in which the plant looks like its glistening. This particular cannabis strain is known for its one of a kind taste which is not too strong even for beginners.

The Jock Horror can be grown on both setups but the plant can produce a better yield when grown indoors. Growing this particular cannabis strain does not really require advanced skills but it does take tender loving care to ensure that the plants will grow healthy and productive. It takes up to 11 weeks for the plant to completely flourish and this is one of the most preferred strains even for novice growers because the plant is known to produce a good amount of yield.

Medical Marijuana

The Jock Horror Autoflowering Feminized strain is a good cannabis strain because of its medical properties. It is best for day time use because the effects of this strain can be very uplifting. It can produce a great burst of energy without making the user feel anxious. This is a great strain for people who are suffering from panic attacks, depression, and even chronic pains.

This particular cannabis strain is considered by many growers and smokers as one of the best in the market. Because of its popularity, the strain is available through many reputable marijuana seed banks or dispensaries.