La Confidential Feminized

INFORMATION – La Confidential Feminized

Yield300 – 500g/m2
Flowering Time55 – 65 day
EffectRelaxing, cerebral high
THC Level20%
GrowingEasy to Moderate


This plant is a commercial strain that originated from OG Kush. The OG Kush is known to be a strain that originated from Afghanistan and became well known when it was delivered to Los Angeles. This plant has become well known to be a point where famous artists feature it in their songs such as Snoop Dogg’s. It is a well-known fact that the OG kush has powerful effects and has an amazing taste that’s truly award-winning, but it’s a rare type of plant and you can usually get it on the countries where it originated. The LA Confidential is known to be the common version of OG Kush!

This plant is known to be grown indoors only but can be grown outdoors at certain times with proper care. One of the most well-known features of the strain is the large fan leaves. The appearance of the plant is designed to let the light flow easily on the plant, which is why it’s perfect for different climates. This structure for the plant is perfect for the lighting purpose because it will produce heavier yields. This plant is known to have an average level of protection against mildew as well.

This plant has the scent of an earthy aroma that’s mixed with a hint of pine and sweetness that you will surely love to experience. The taste of the weed is known to be pine with a mix of skunky goodness. This weed will surely make you feel like huffing and huffing until you wheeze as you get very high!

The LA confidential is known to provide the classic high that Kush provides. This long-lasting high will surely take you up to the skies and has a psychedelic effect that will make you feel relaxed and meditated. This plant will not make you feel sleepy, but it will make you couch-locked. This is perfect for those who want to do nothing for now, and for those who just want to listen to music. This is a perfect high that everyone will surely love to have for their leisure time.

This is an award-winning strain that you must never, ever miss. Take note that this plant is the clone variant of the OG kush, which is an amazing weed! So be sure to purchase LA Confidential Feminized in online weed stores. Note: This plant is feminized; therefore you need to purchase male strains to produce clones.