Malawi Gold Autoflowering Feminized

INFORMATION – Malawi Gold Autoflowering Feminized

GeneticsPure Sativa
Height4-6 ft indoors/4m outdoor
Flowering Time65 days
Effectlong-lasting effect
THC Level14-18%


The Malawi gold autoflowering feminized hybrid strain is regarded as one of the world’s most potent psychoactive pure Sativas that came from Africa. The name was coined since this unique strain originated in Malawi. The strain is locally known as Chamba and it is considered as one of the finest Sativa strains all over the world. The Malawi Gold strain is top-rated and has set the gold standard in quality cannabis.

Effects, appearance, and growth

Since the Malawi Gold strain is regarded as a very strong strain, it can actually produce a powerful buzz which is a typical effect of a pure Sativa. Smokers can expect to feel an alert mental clarity with a warm and pleasant feeling that can radiate all over the body. This variety can also produce a headstrong and spacey psychedelic experience which can be very powerful for novice smokers. If the Malawi Gold Autoflowering Feminized strain is cured for a long time, it can actually produce a couch lock effect to the users.

The plant has dense and orangey pistil with resins that are thick and sticky. The buds of the plant are compact and can even grow up to 2 feet with a circumference of 24 inches. The Malawi gold scent is very distinct since it produces a musky scent with hints of spice and cinnamon. The taste of this particular cannabis strain can be described as very exotic and luxuriant because of its spicy and unique flavor.

The flowering period of this strain can take up to 65 days but it can produce a good amount of yield especially when the plant is given proper attention. Since this is an autoflowering strain, growers need not worry about a lot of growing or breeding aspects because the plant will surely produce good buds in the shortest amount of time. This plant is a great choice for growers who have limited space. The plants that are grown indoors will only reach up to 1 meter which will not take up a lot of space indoors.

Medical Marijuana

This potent and pure Sativa strain is a good medical alternative for people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and as well as stress-related conditions. It is also good for people who have ADD/ADHD, PMS, and even Arthritis.

The Malawi Gold Autoflowering Feminized strain is a very popular type of cannabis strain and because of its popularity and demand; it is available in most marijuana seedbanks and marijuana dispensaries. This is one of the best cannabis choices for people who are looking for an exquisite cannabis strain and for growers who are looking to produce great and quality yield.