Morning Glory Feminized

INFORMATION – Morning Glory Feminized

Yield450 g/m2
Flowering Time65 – 70 days
EffectEuphoric high, relaxing
THC Level15%


One of the best yielding plants of all time, this strain is known to be an award-winning cup since the year 2002. This is known to originate from the Hawaiian Islands and a crossbreed of a Hawaiian Sativa strain and a Skunk type of strain. The parents have created a wonderful combination of flavors and appearance out of the Morning Glory.

The Morning Glory is known to have lots of branches, and it grows very well when the branches are positioned accordingly through tying instead of trimming the plant. If the tying method is done, expect that there will be lots of yields. This plant is best when the soil in use is correct and expects that it will grow with abundance.

The Morning Glory is known to have some buds that are strong in terms of taste and aroma. It smells like a strong citrus flavor that has a dash of earthy scent. The taste of the plant is considered award winning because of its spicy, nutty and peppery flavor that’s perfect enough for the taste. This will make you feel like huffing your joint for more taste. This is also worthy to pass whenever there’s a pot session ongoing in your hangout place.

The effects of this plant are known to be perfect during mornings (hence, the name!), social activities, and other forms of leisure time. The plant’s high is known to be soaring and can make you feel focused as you spend your leisure time. This is perfect during hot topics with friends because this will make you think a lot. This plant is also perfect whenever you feel like watching movies or listening to music while high. Expect that this plant will relieve your stress and worries away, and will make you feel more vibrant and energetic as you socialize with your best buds! This is called ‘Morning Glory’ because it makes you feel lively just like when waking up with a great mood.

If you just love to try out some premium weed that has amazing effects and taste that you will love to hit repeatedly, make sure to grow some Morning glory Feminized seeds in well-known weed stores. Take note that this is a feminized plant; expect that you can only grow out females out of this one, and cloning requires a male plant of the same type.