Northern Lights Feminized

INFORMATION – Northern Lights Feminized

Yield500 – 650 g/m2
Height100 – 200 cm
Flowering Time45 – 55 days
EffectCouch lock, body high, euphoric high
THC Level18%


The Northern Lights Feminized is known to be one of the most famous strains around the world. This is a pure indica breed that has good looks and perfect growth pattern. This is known to originate from a certain Afghani strain, and this plant is also known to be the parent of famous hybrids such as the Sour Diesel and the Super Silver Haze. This plant is known to have been discovered during the 80s and is now well known for many smokers even today.

This plant is known to have some crystal-covered buds that made the plant look better. The plant is also known to have some hues of purple shade. The buds are also known to be all sticky – take note that the stickiness of the plant is also the basis for the potency of the plant’s effects. This plant is perfect to grow outdoors and indoors because of its average height, but you need to have a spacious place if you are planning to grow lots of these.

Northern Lights has an earthy smell that’s mixed with a very sweet citrus aroma that’s very fragrant to the point where you will think about how strong this weed is. Once that you smoke the weed, you will experience a spicy and smooth earthy pine taste that you will surely love to taste. You will also notice that the weed has a sweet taste mixed with the earthy pine flavor that you just tasted out in this plant. The stickiness of the plant contributes to the rich flavor, and so as the effects.

The effects of this plant will surely take you to the skies once that it kicks in. the strain is known to produce a powerful high that will make you feel a lot relaxed to the point where you are finally couch-locked. This is perfect for those who just want to listen to their favorite music and is perfect for times where you have nothing to do but to smoke weed. This is a relaxing plant that is known to be effective for those who have stress, body pain, nervousness, nausea, anxiety, arthritis, and stress. This is one of the finest plants that patients want to grow.

So if you want something that’s as healthy and as relaxing as this type of weed. Then, make sure to find Northern Lights Feminized seeds at your local or online marijuana seedbanks. This product is known to be a feminized variant; therefore, you can only grow females out of this, and you need to have males to produce more of this type.