Purple Haze Feminized

INFORMATION – Purple Haze Feminized

GeneticsMostly Sativa
Yield300 – 400 g/m2
Flowering Time50 – 65 days
EffectEuphoric high, mellow high
THC Level22%


This plant is known to be one of the most classic strains of all time ever since the Hippie culture rose during the 60s. This strain is a very famous strain up until now because of its strong flavor, scent, and effects in terms of the plant’s statistics. One of the best features of this plant is its vibrant purple color that served as the trademark of the plant. This plant is worth smoking for beginners to expert growers and smokers alike.

This purple plant is known to be really magical in terms of the color because purple is a magnificent color as you can see. This plant is known to be tall and looks like a stretched out strain. It is also covered with dark green leaves that match the color purple for the buds. It has long and bountiful buds that grow abundantly with the long leaves. The buds are also known to be dense and sticky – a trait of marijuana that can identify the strength of its potency.

This plant is known to not just look purple, but it also has the perfect scent that matches its color. That’s right, Purple Haze has a sweet flavor that will remind you of grape flavor that’s mixed with a powerful earthy aftertaste upon exhaling. The aroma is strangely indulging because it has an earthy smell that has a dash of sweetness. The stickiness strengthens the flavor and aroma and is very fragrant when freshly opened from the bottle or bag.

The stickiness of the plant has proven its strong effects. This plant has a euphoric sensation of high that will make you feel afloat up to the skies. The potent high of this plant comes with a mellow after-feeling that is very relaxing and is perfect for relaxation while you listen to some music. This plant will surely make you feel happy. It also has medical features that are perfect for those who experience stress, body pain, migraine, eating, and gastrointestinal disorders, and so as depression.

So if you just love to have some award-winning strain in your garden, make sure to purchase Purple Haze Feminized seeds in well known online stores or from marijuana seedbanks. You can purchase lots of these seeds when you buy in bulk order, and expect that these are all female plants once delivered.