Purple Kush Feminized

Information – Purple Kush Feminized

GeneticsOriginal Kush and Cali Purple Kush
Climateindoor or outdoor
Yield250 grams to 400 grams
Height4 feet to 5 feet
Flowering Time8 to 10 weeks
Effectheavy narcotic high
THC Level25%
Growingeasy to moderate


Purple Kush is famous and easily known as a strain because of its purple leaves and strong smoky taste when lighted. Despite its small height, Purple Kush has dense buds with thin white and orange hairs that have high THC content. Feminized Purple Kush is not a pure strain since it is a combination of Original Kush and Cali Purple Kush. Originally, Kush is from Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, and North-West India. The name Kush came from the Pakistani mountain called the Hindu Kush. Lastly, this variant is able to go to America during the 1970s.

The feminized Purple Kush can be grown outdoors and indoors with an easy to moderate growing level. Purple Kush feminized can produce two hundred fifty grams of buds when planted outdoors and when planted indoors, it can grow as much as four hundred grams. The flowering time of this feminized marijuana strain is between eight to ten weeks with a very high THC content of twenty-five percent. Feminized Purple Kush is one of the unique marijuana among other strains since it can grow healthy with any aforementioned method of planting. Purple Kush feminized has large leaves that look like a fan. Its average growing height is four to five feet but it grows wider making it to consume wider space. The foliage of the plant has a strong bush and dark green hue but when the foliage is ripe, it turns to purple.

Feminized Purple Kush has a flowery taste when smoked. This marijuana strain has a high THC level or tetrahydrocannabinol that lasts for about an hour or two in reference to the drying and curing process of marijuana. They are endorsed by most medical marijuana growers because they can be grown both indoors and outdoors and gives a high THC that makes the body relaxed and easy. The majority of marijuana strains can really alleviate or cure the pain experienced by a patient. Smoking feminized this strain can lessen the pain or numb senses at the same time, a good treatment for people who experience depression. It is also good for treating insomnia and stress. Lastly, is used by people who have ADHD, migraines, and arthritis.