Purple Power Feminized

INFORMATION – Purple Power Feminized 

Height70-90 cm
Flowering Time49 days
THC Level15-20%


Purple Power Feminized is a new type of purple Afghan seeds that reduces its sensitivity to molds and diseases. It is a hybrid of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica besides it is a combination of Early Skunk and Purple Haze plants. Moreover, the feminized plant has been hybrid many times in Holland ever since 1983. It can be best planted in any outdoor plots because it requires more direct sunlight so it can produce quality plants.

Growth, appearance, aroma, and taste

When planted in an outdoor garden, the feminized plant can grow a much better quality product. Aside from having too much sunlight, it can grow best during rainy and cold seasons. Moreover, it can also be planted in any indoor plots but it may produce low quality than those plants in outdoor pots. Outdoor feminized plants can grow up to 90 cm of height while indoor feminized plants can grow up to 70 cm of height. In addition, the feminized plant can easily be planted because its flowers can start to bloom in just 49 days. After the initial growth, it can produce a high yield of 400 to 500 grams per meter squared. It features long and tall leaves and vibrant color of purple buds that are covered with crystals and hairs.

Furthermore, the purple buds develop an appealing aroma and taste to its smokers and patients because it tastes and smells like cinnamons. In addition, it tastes much sweeter than it actually smells. In addition, its aroma perfectly gives positivity and creativity to its intended users. Its purple buds contain a high THC level of 15 to 20% that is suitable for clearing and buzzing the smoker’s or patient’s head.

Medicinal effects

Moreover, the feminized plant seemed appropriate to any kinds of people especially to those who are suffering from chronic pains like arthritis, sclerosis, and tissue inflammation. Aside from medical purposes, it keeps the person from being wide awake and being more creative while at the same time working in his office or house for a long day. Its powerful effect can buzz the head of its users. Besides, they can feel dreamy, happy, hysterical, and energetic.